(Clearwisdom.net) The following detailed account is based on information revealed by a person familiar with the situation:

The prison authorities waited 2 days to inform Dafa practitioner Yang Guiqin's family members of her death. She was tortured to death in Jilin Province Female Prison. Over a dozen family members went to the prison to find out the circumstances surrounding her death. The prison officer claimed, "Yang Guiqin's behavior here was not bad. When she was working on some clothes, she took leave to go to the washroom and jumped down from the second story. She suffered an injury to the top of her skull and her arms were fractured in many places."

The prison police even let the family members view the "scene" that had been set up. There was a circle on the ground, drawn with a red marker. When the family members requested to see Yang Guiqin's body, the police only allowed two persons in. When these family members saw the body, it had already been tidied up, with heavy make-up put on. It was also wrapped in a burial garment.

She was tortured so much that she was much thinner than before. The police said that they had bought five sets of clothes for Yang Guiqin and did not allow the family members to check and examine the body. Then they invited all the family members for a meal. The police hurriedly sent Yang Guiqin's body for cremation, and the family members were only allowed to take her ashes back. The family members were deceived into thinking that Yang Guiqin had committed suicide.

Why did the authorities in this female prison only inform her family members two days after her death? Why did they not allow the family members to check and examine the body? Why did they put heavy make up on her dead body? What were they trying to hide?

People who understand the circumstances in Jilin Province Female Prison believe that Yang Guiqin was tortured to death.

January 16, 2003