(Clearwisdom.net) Since April 25 of 1999, the officials from Tiemenggang, Macheng have committed many evil deeds against Dafa and practitioners.

Main criminals: Ex-Tiemengang Police Station head, Ma Xingbin
Director: Yang Guangming
Tiemengang "610 Office": Huang Liwen, Zhou Chengyou (he has since left his position), Zhu Zhixiong, Zhou Shengli.
Tiemengang Yutiangang Liujiawa Village Secretary: Li Zhengquan

Since April 25 and July 20 of 1999, the above-mentioned criminals have ransacked practitioner's houses numerous times. They have illegally arrested practitioners and sent them to brainwashing classes. They beat practitioners and try to force practitioners to curse Teacher while they videotape it. They also force the practitioners to write guarantee statements to stop practicing Falun Dafa and pay fines as well as daily living expenses of 20 Yuan. They fine practitioners anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 Yuan arbitrarily [500 Yuan is the average monthly salary of an urban Chinese worker]. They illegally lock some practitioners up for as long as 40 days. Almost all of the steadfast practitioners from Tiemengang have been sent to a brainwashing class. Li Zhengquan, the Tiemen Liujiawa Village secretary is extremely vicious. He has sent practitioners from the village to brainwashing classes numerous times, and has fined them every time. If practitioners refuse to pay, Ma Xingbin of the local police station will send his underlings to ransack the practitioners' houses, taking valuables and livestock. They never give practitioners receipts for the things that they take.

The Tiemen Police Station and the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems] keep a close watch on practitioners' everyday lives. They take away their ID's and limit their personal freedom. If a practitioner wants his ID back he must pay a 3,000 Yuan deposit.

On February 5th, 2001, Ma Xingbin instructed Yang Guangming to beat Mei Jigang and Li Xueqin, who had gone to appeal in Beijing, with a wooden rod. They beat their legs and backs from 8 o'clock in the morning until noon. They didn't stop until the rod was broken. Mei and Li both nearly lost consciousness. On another occasion, Yang Guangming, Wang Zhifeng and Chen Kongmou punched and kicked Mei, to the point where his mouth was bleeding profusely. They then forced Mei Jigang to kneel down. Two days later, the station head Ma Xingbin and Huang Liwen from the "610 Office" took Mei and Li to a remote location, stripped them down to their undergarments, and dipped their legs into the frigid water during the cold of winter.

Ma Xingbin tortured them on more than one occasion. Because Li Xueqin refused to pay the illegally imposed fine, Ma Xingbin, Huang Liwen and Li Zhengquan tore down Li Xueqin's house on March 8, 2001. Li Zhengquan ordered all the officials from the village to participate in the demolition. Those who participated were paid 40 Yuan. Those who refused were fined 20 Yuan. Later, when Li Xueqin came back after being released from Shayang Labor Camp, he asked Li Zhengquan for the reason they tore down the house. Li Zhengquan said, "I tore it down for no other reason than because I wanted to." A few days later, Mei Jigang's house was torn down as well. His daughters (the older one was 11 years old, the younger one was 9) had nowhere to live, and now live with their elderly and ill grandmother. The criminals have not been punished for their crimes.

Even today the persecution continues. On November 9, 2002, five practitioners were still being kept captive in a brainwashing class. One of the practitioners even had a 1-year-old granddaughter there at the brainwashing class.

I hope that kind-hearted people will lend a hand, help the practitioners that are being persecuted and help stop the persecution. You would be laying the foundation for a great future!

Tiemen Police Station, phone number: 86-713-2083143
Tiemen Police Station head Shang Yuanhui, cell phone: 86-13872031371
Vice station head Xu Jiping: 86-713-2063498
Director Wang Zhengjie: 86-13872030567
Vice station head Zhang Yan: 86-13872031129
Police officer Liu Qiyuan: 86-13085217300
Chen Kongmou: 86-13092747315
Ye Xinghuai: 86-13972705096
Zhou Jie: 86-13986525777
Tang Zhengming: 86-13972702791
Yin Bo: 86-13085216203