I would like to share some of my understandings with my fellow practitioners:

  • Gods in the Heavens are watching us, Dafa practitioners, for every word and deed. So our behavior must be worthy of being respected by everyday people and by gods. We need to have high standards for ourselves to behave well in public or in private, from inner to the outer, from top to bottom, be truthful and consistent in an upright and dignified way.
  • To a practitioner, criticism from others is the most precious gift from them to us.
  • What Teacher looks at is our heart. That means whether or not you can be enlightened to each test or problem, and whether or not you have made progress and upgraded your Xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character], Teacher will be pleased only at our improvement of Xinxing.
  • We should write down and record our own experience and enlightenment, as it may be helpful to other practitioners for facilitating our elevation as a whole body.
  • We should not judge a practitioner only from one single aspect. We should care less about how high or how low level we perceive the other practitioners to be. Rather we need to be compassionate and tolerant to each other based on cultivation practice during Fa rectification.
  • Cultivation practice depends on oneself. You must cultivate and reach up to a certain level before you can live freely at that level. The higher the cultivation level, the safer you are. Otherwise, you will live timidly, worrying about falling down since you do not have such mighty virtue and such strong Gong to sustain you. Thus, you will not be able to stay at such a high level. Figuratively speaking, we must walk solidly, our own road of cultivation practice, and do well on what we should be doing.

What is mentioned above is my current understanding. Please point out for me anything that is not appropriate.