(Clearwisdom.net) To rescue the tortured and persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China, one fellow practitioner in Germany spent his own money making 200 T-shirts, on which were printed the words, "SOS Urgently Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners." The fellow practitioner planned to sell them to other practitioners at cost, but because there were always things to handle, he often had no time for dealing with the T-shirts. Sometimes when he brought some with him, those whom he encountered did not feel like buying any. When someone wanted to buy one, he forgot to bring any with him. Besides, the words on the T-shirts were printed in German so they could not be used in other countries. After a long period of time, the practitioner still had over 100 T-shirts that he failed to sell to others.

At that time, this practitioner was on a tight budget, so he told me about the remaining T-shirts on the phone. After hanging up, I called several fellow practitioners, but as it turned out, only two of them wanted to buy a T-shirt. Later, it occurred to me that I could ask my husband (a German) to buy some. Then I showed my husband the T-shirt that I had bought recently and told him the financial trouble that the fellow practitioner was in. Fearing that my husband would have some misunderstanding, I ensured him that Dafa practitioners would not profit from selling the T-shirts. Before I finished the explanation, my husband went on to say, "You don't have to explain this to me. I know Falun Gong followers' attitudes towards money. You just tell me how many T-shirts you want to buy." I replied, "How about ten?" Satisfied and delighted, my husband said, "How about 20? Ten for you and another 10 for me." His answer delighted me, but I felt startled by his following words, "For the next few years, I will have lots of T-shirts to wear. Where can I find such cheap things? I don't intend to wear the T-shirts to advertise Falun Gong for you. I just want to wear them at home." I knew that I should search within; there must be some omission inside myself. After a moment's reflection, I gave priority to dealing with the financial trouble of the fellow practitioner. After all, it was not good to have over 100 T-shirts left.

Two days later, we received a heavy box with 20 T-shirts inside. Then, I sent the money together with postage to the fellow practitioner, feeling happy.

It was time for me to search within. I found that when dealing with this situation, I had developed the attitude of everyday people. Once the Dafa work was mingled with the attachment of everyday people, the mission of rescuing the persecuted Dafa practitioners would become less serious and less sacred. What could I do? We did not need so many T-shirts. Besides, we had bought four earlier. Then, I decided to send the extra T-shirts to other fellow practitioners.

After I let go of my attachment, some changes happened to my husband. He did not just wear the T-shirts only at home like he said. On the contrary, he wore the T-shirts wherever he went. My husband wears the T-shirts during three seasons of the year. In addition, he is a modest person who does not mind that there is only one design on the T-shirt. Now it is winter and besides the T-shirt, he just puts on one sweater, leaving the red letters of "SOS" exposed. We live in the downtown centre, with numerous passers-by. In addition there are the postman, salesmen, fund-raisers, strangers who ask for directions and panhandlers--people from all walks of life. As long as they press our doorbell, when I am busy my husband will open the door to greet them in his Dafa T-shirt. Wearing the T-shirt is a more efficient way to promote Falun Gong than handing out Dafa newspapers or fliers in a hurry.

Further, my husband cares nothing about misunderstandings from his friends and relatives. He just wears his T-shirt when shopping, taking a walk, or riding a bike. Wherever he goes, he puts on the T-shirt.

In the meantime, one event made a very deep impression on me. We drove for a long distance of hundreds of kilometers to have a business meeting with another couple. At first, my husband wore a sweater on top of the T-shirt. But the weather in Germany was very fickle and it became hot. Afraid of becoming hot and sweaty, my husband took off the sweater and kept the business appointment just in his T-shirt. The businessman talking with my husband was a serious and cautious man. When they talked business, I was trying to figure out a way to clarify the truth to such a serious man whose wife was from India, another person with a predestined relationship. One hour later, when they made a deal and shook hands with each other, the businessman said, "I have been reading the words printed on your T-shirt, wondering what could arouse such concern for you that you would call for support everywhere and even when you are doing business." Then, my husband told him the whole story in detail. After that, I handed the businessman a Dafa newspaper in German, and clarified the truth to him of Dafa's persecution. The quiet businessman accepted the newspaper gratefully and expressed his thanks. It was apparent that his excited expression was genuine, not just out of politeness. It seemed that I just worried too much.

Perhaps the knowing side of my husband that understands the importance of Dafa has been very steadfast. Whether consciously or unconsciously, for this half year he has been wearing the T-shirt. His seemingly stubborn character serves to clarify the truth to people in such a specific historic moment. At first, whenever there were guests at our home, I had to make an effort to switch the conversation topic to Dafa. But now the guests who visit us will talk about Dafa or at least read the words about the persecution of Dafa. Apparently my husband is determined to wear the T-shirt for good. Sometimes, when he happens to wear other clothing, those around him feel it a little strange. At times, I think that it is also good to have such a stubborn husband. After all, his straightforward manner is very helpful in truth-clarification.

Later, the fellow practitioner who spent his own money making the T-shirt also searched within and abandoned his attachment. His remaining 60 T-shirts were useful in other activities as well. One time in Munich, a southern city in Germany, we staged a protest march against the persecution of Falun Gong in China. There were more participants than we expected so there were not enough banners. The remaining T-shirts flashed across the mind of the fellow practitioner and he distributed them to other participants. In this way, the theme of our protest march suddenly became very clear and catchy. The red letters of "SOS" on the white T-shirts appeared very dazzling and beautiful, just like blooming flowers decorating the old city.

Though it appears to be just a small, ordinary thing, this was at the same time also a magnificent contribution to Dafa by an everyday person. In reality, this is also my husband's knowing side that is choosing a beautiful future for himself by carrying out these deeds. We are doing our utmost to clarify the truth to sentient beings. Hopefully, more people will awaken to this unprecedented opportunity so that they will walk a righteous path and choose a good position for their future.