(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Litao is detained in the No. 5 Division of the Tuanhe Labor Camp in Beijing and has been facing the evil persecutors with righteous thoughts. Policeman Yue Weihua cursed and insulted Liu Litao; in response, Mr. Liu kindly pointed out that Yue Weihua's behavior was very mean and he should apologize in public. When Mr. Liu went on a hunger strike to protest his persecution, Yue Weihua became scared and admitted before the No. 9 Class where Mr. Liu was assigned and to several other team leaders that he was sorry for his mistake. He also went to the No. 1 Class, and admitted his mistake in front of Falun Gong practitioners and division chief Yang Baoli.

In order to completely suppress practitioners, deputy chief Yue Qingjin told Liu Litao, "You have to transform!" Mr. Liu solemnly said, "I am not guilty, nor did I commit any wrong deeds. Why do you want me to transform? What should I transform to?" Yue Qingjin went away with a dampened spirit. Then Liu Litao was transferred to the No. 10 Class (where people who are in charge reside). It is unknown what kind of torture they are going to apply on Mr. Liu there.

We hope that practitioners will fully eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions that are persecuting him.

January 14, 2003