Since September 2000, the Wuyuan labor camp in Inner Mongolia has been illegally detaining large numbers of Falun Dafa practitioners from central western Inner Mongolia. The police here have been forcing practitioners to write "guarantee letters" [not to practice Falun Dafa anymore] and "repentance letters." Over the last three years, the police here have committed serious crimes in their treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners.

In September 2000, Dafa practitioner Zhao Lizhi was called to the office (of the labor camp) for a "discussion." He was beaten for four hours by officials, who took turns beating him. The people involved in the beating were head of the regional education section Chai Jianzhong, assistant director Mu Jianfeng, head of employee health section Sha Huiming, director of the office whose last name is Wen, head of the education section Liu Baohua, and leader of the fourth brigade Wei Yuzhi. The direct involvement of these officials in the torture of Falun Gong practitioners served as examples for other policemen who, later, also brutally tortured Falun Dafa practitioners.

In September 2000, Falun Dafa practitioner Xu Fen'gao was tortured for three days by police officers Wei Yuzhi and Liu Sizhe. He was shocked with many electric batons simultaneously. During his detention, he was only given pig feed for food.

The end of December 2000 is the coldest time of year in northern China. To "transform" Falun Dafa practitioners (that is, convincing them to give up their practice,) practitioners Ma Yingju in the first brigade and Cui Xiaojia in the fourth brigade were forced to stand outside for over 10 days. Practitioner Cao Feng was also forced to stand outside for sending a cotton cap to Cui Xiaojia. The determination of the Falun Dafa practitioners finally made the police give in.

From February 23 to 28, 2001, under the direction of the assistant director of the labor camp Mu Jianfeng, officials from the first and the third brigades beat Falun Dafa practitioners Ma Yingju and Chen Zhanguo for five days, in an effort to "transform" them. This brutal torture left Chen without control of his bowels or urination, his head deformed and inflamed, inflammation to his arms and legs, and a severely damaged spirit.

In June 2001, police officers Du Xiangyang, Wang Jinbiao, Yang Yang, and Liu Jun from the third brigade savagely beat Falun Dafa practitioners Liang Baochi, Gui Zhiyu, Lu Yuxue, and Feng Tianzhi. Lu Yuxue was beaten so badly that he could not move his bowels or urinate. For several months, he could not squat down when he went to bathroom.

Around July 2001, the persecution escalated in all aspects. All police officers were mobilized to conduct brainwashing classes to "transform" Falun Dafa practitioners. Meanwhile, a strict policy was adopted. All practitioners detained in the third brigade were forced to run around a basketball court 80 times. The police also induced criminal offenders to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. At times, water supplies were cut off. If Falun Dafa practitioners showed any discontent, they were beaten severely with fists or boots, or shocked with electric batons. Falun Dafa practitioners Feng Tianzhi, Zhang Yan, Jin Haitao in the fourth brigade were beaten by police officers Wei Yuzhi, Zhao Naidong, and Liu Sizhe for no reason.

On July 19, 2001, Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Gang was beaten so badly by police officer Wan Jinbiao from the third brigade that he fainted due to excessive bleeding.

On December 6, 2001, police officer Mu Jianfeng gathered officers Zhang Tiefeng, Wang Eyes (nickname), Zhang Qian, Sha Huiming, Zhang Dahu, Wang Tugang, Du Xiangyang, Wang Jinbiao, Yang Yang, Liu Jun, and others from different sections. He organized one of the most brutal torture sessions of seven Falun Dafa practitioners -- Liang Baochi, Gui Zhiyu, Zhao Zongyou, Yang Zhenqi, Wen Yong, Zhang Ruitong, and Zhang Changlin. The seven practitioners were first gathered in a police dormitory in the first floor. Then, the police officers swarmed all over them with high voltage electric batons, leather belts, fists, and heavy boots. Zhang Ruitong's legs were broken; the nerves in his spinal cord and his internal organs were also severely injured. His whole body was paralyzed for nearly a month. Liang Baochi was also severely injured. The other five practitioners were covered with blood and their faces were beaten beyond recognition. It was simply horrific to look at them after the beatings. To escape from responsibility, the policemen induced criminal offenders to beat the practitioners again after they were sent back to their rooms. Later, these seven practitioners went on hunger strike to protest this brutal torture. Some went on hunger strike for 43 days.

In February 2002, practitioners Ma Yingju, Li Zhenjiang, and Cui Xiaojia were shocked with electric batons again and shut in solitary cells. When Falun Dafa practitioners from other brigades learned of this torture, they all went on hunger strike to protest. Police shut practitioner Yang Fengyu, who protested the torture, in a solitary cell. He was handcuffed from behind. He was not allowed to go the bathroom, put on extra clothing for warmth, or sleep. The officials ordered criminal offenders to make irritating high pitched noises by rubbing iron on a glass surface to torture Yang mentally. Several days later, When Yang felt dizzy and disoriented, police officer Liu Bing from the second brigade stuffed Yang's mouth with cloth. Together, with police officer Zhong Zhiyuan, the two beat Yang so brutally that he fainted several times. One of his teeth was broken off. Falun Dafa practitioners Lu Yuxue and Guo Bingqiang protested the torture. They, too, were shocked with electric batons by the two policemen. Guo Bingqiang lost control of his bowels and urination for several months. In September 2002, Falun Dafa practitioners Zhang Yan was again shut up in a solitary cell; he was cruelly tortured for several days.

The police here often use prison term reductions as bait to lure drug abusers and other criminals to abuse and monitor Falun Dafa practitioners 24 hours a day. The practitioners are not allowed to talk to each other, and nearly all their letters, in or out, are confiscated. There is absolutely no freedom and or human rights for Falun Dafa practitioners. In the past several hundreds of bloody days and nights, every Falun Dafa practitioner detained in the labor camp has faced various cruel tortures. They have remained determined and completely upright in their belief in the Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance of Falun Dafa. Their acts embody the great openness of compassion and forbearance, typical of Falun Dafa.

Our purpose of exposing this torture is to ask the world's people to please distinguish clearly the kind from the evil and to please not be deceived by the fabricated lies. We hope that our righteous thoughts and actions can awaken the conscience of the people who have been deceived by evil propaganda. Please stop doing things to assist the perpetrators. Meanwhile, we appeal to the international community to support the Falun Dafa practitioners who are suffering from brutal torture in China and to end this atrocious persecution soon.