(Clearwisdom.net) Just before the opening of the 16th Party Congress, Beijing police arrested Dafa practitioners at will. Many practitioners who could not return to their homes because of the persecution were arrested again and locked in detention centers. Some arrested practitioners are on hunger strike to protest the illegal treatment. Others that have symptoms of illness have been transferred to Beijing Public Security Hospital to receive force-feeding and injections. The hospital's 10th patient ward is in the basement, where over ten practitioners are detained under tight surveillance. The police are extremely vicious and always use shackles to torture practitioners.

In the middle of November 2002, a 30-year-old male practitioner was transferred from the Beijing Shijingshan Detention Center. This practitioner firmly protested the persecution by going on a hunger strike. Several policemen, whose badge numbers are 013701, 013646 and 013663 tightly cuffed both his arms and legs to the wall and put him in a very painful position. The practitioner was in severe and constant pain, but this vicious torture did not shake a bit of his belief in Falun Dafa. Sometimes, this practitioner cried loudly, "No persecution of Dafa practitioners!" for entire days and nights. At midnight, policemen (badge numbers: 013701 and 013646) used various ways to try to stop him. One policeman (badge number 013646) instructed a nurse inject the practitioner with a large amount of drugs to make him sleep. Even then, they did not take away the torture instruments.

To cover the practitioners' screaming and crying from the torture, the police always shut the doors and turn on the loud ventilating fans to cover up their crimes. They also use the loud noise as a way to torture practitioners who are on hunger strike.

Since practitioners have been sending forth righteous thoughts, large numbers of evil beings in other dimensions have been eliminated and some detention centers have improved their attitudes towards Dafa practitioners. However, the evils in Beijing's Public Security Hospital are still brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners. A male practitioner over 50 years old from the Changpin district was detained and sent to a forced labor camp. Zhao Xiuhuan and Jin Xiaopin, both from Sijin village in Beijing, were arrested. Chen Ya from Shuangyushu in Beijing was sent to a forced labor camp. Qiu Shuqin from Qinghua University was sent to a forced labor camp. Yang Xiaofeng from Pingu in Beijing and several practitioners whose names are unknown were also detained.

All practitioners, please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements in the Beijing Public Security Hospital, and help the detained practitioners get free from this difficult and harsh situation.

Security Office of the 10th patient district of Beijing Public Security Hospital
phone: 86-10-65133377 ext. the Security Office of 10th patient district

January 14, 2003