(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Liu Litao, a farmer from Songjiagou, Xinmin Township in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, was illegally arrested and sentenced to a labor camp for clarifying the truth of Dafa around Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Going through the various procedures, police officers from different areas tortured and abused him. In spite of all this, he was always rock-solid and firm in his belief, denied the persecution of the evil with powerful righteous thoughts and steadily progressed on his path of Fa-rectification.

During the illegal detention at the Xuanwu Police Station, the police whipped Liu Litao with books, and also instigated common criminals to beat him. On the morning of June 13, 2002, when eating his cornbread for breakfast, Liu accidentally swallowed a piece of metal wire baked into the bread. To shirk responsibility, the guard quickly sent Liu Litao to the dispatch department of the Beijing Labor Camp. In the afternoon of June 13 at the dispatch office, the police forced Liu to write a "Guarantee Letter" to give up his practice of Falun Gong. Two criminals pushed Liu to the ground. They pinned him down, sitting on his back to prevent him from moving. They pressed one of his legs into the hamstring muscles of the other. One of them immobilized Liu's hand to take fingerprints. After a long time of extraordinary suffering, Liu Litao lost consciousness and was unconscious for about 24 hours. When undergoing physical examination, it was discovered that Liu was found to have suffered severe trauma to both shoulders, back and legs.

On August 1, Liu Litao was sent to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. During the first few days Liu Litao didn't want to eat anything. The team chief said he was on a hunger strike and sent him to the "clinic." He was tied onto the bed with ropes and force-fed. The team leader also said that Liu had to pay dozens of Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China; in rural areas it is 200 Yuan] for each session of force-feeding. After a period of time, Liu Litao began to eat, but chief Yang of the Education Section and some collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who succumbed to evil messages, due to brainwashing and torture] badgered him with evil messages every day until midnight. He was not allowed to eat or sleep.

In the beginning of September, section chief Yang called Dafa practitioners Liu Litao and Wang Fangpu together and told them to pull weeds and to perform military drills, in formation. Yang said this would last half a month. From then on, they had to practice military postures and military squatting for a long time. Liu's lower back hurt so badly that he fell down several times. He asked to rest but was denied. With this kind of physical torture becoming heavier, both Liu Litao and Wang Fangpu's pains on their lower backs and legs got much more severe. Not able to stretch their legs at night, they could not fall asleep. Section chief Yang also forced them to keep standing in the sun near the trash. Sometimes they were ordered to stay within a one brick-wide space in the courtyard. They were not allowed to walk out of that brick perimeter, even to use the restroom. They often had to bear it until dinnertime. Once Liu Litao had been standing on a brick for such a long time that his lower back hurt a lot. He could not stand any longer. Team leader Yang Bin (badge number 1153242) said, "You can't move!" Whenever Liu moved, he would force Liu to straighten his shoulder with his fingers and thumb and propped up Liu's lower back with his knees. Yang said, "If you faint, just fall onto the grass." Team leader Wang Xiguang (badge number 1153228) inhumanly said, "Hurt? You deserved it. You faked being ill." Liu Litao and Wang Fangpu had to stand outside for the whole day even in the rain.

On October 20, Liu Litao and Wang Fangpu started to write an indictment to the labor camp. With the collective protest of other Dafa practitioners, the persecution team held back a little and stopped the physical punishment.

The team leader who monitored Liu Litao used all kinds of methods to torture him. One afternoon team leaders Gong and Yang Bin ordered Liu Litao, "Write a letter to your family and ask for 2,000 Yuan for force feeding. Also, you have to write the "four letters." [Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief.] When the practitioners refused the team leader threatened, "Think it over and write it. Otherwise, I'll shoot you to death." After a while, when seeing Liu Litao still would not write, he dragged Liu to see leader Yang, "We will wait for the car downstairs and drag him out to shoot him."

After 9:00 p.m. one day at the end of October, team leader Yang Bin blocked Liu's way to go out of the room and said he would search Liu's body. When he refused, they stripped off Liu's clothes. When Liu said it was cold, they opened the window.

One day in November team leader Wang Xiguang ordered Liu Litao to give them money so the leaders could fly or go by train to Liu's home for an "investigation." Liu expressed that there was nothing to be investigated, and that he would not give them money. Then team leaders Wang and Yang Bin forced Liu Litao to divorce his wife. They even threatened him, "Don't you want to sleep? If you don't follow our orders, don't think about sleeping for ten or twenty days, even for a month." Liu Litao was not moved and calmly and mercifully told Wang Xiguang, "I will not resent you because of what you have done to me. I only clarify the facts to you. My Teacher told us to be kind to all. We are being better people but suffer the persecution. We don't participate in politics, nor do we have any relationship with politics." Team leader Wang would not listen to a single word.

On December 3, team leader Wang Xiguang told Liu Litao, "We have received the divorce letter. All you need to do is sign it."

On December 4, Liu Litao wrote of the physical abuse and damage he had suffered from the physical torture since he was sent into Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. Team leader Wang showed it to section chief Yang, but Yang said, " We did all this for your own good." Just like this, they camouflage their deeds saying it is "for the practitioners' good" but used all means to persecute practitioners and shake practitioners' will, in an attempt to force practitioners to yield to the evil and give up their faith in Falun Dafa.

On December 9, Liu Litao was dragged to stand in the hallway. He was not allowed to get close to the heater. With only thin cotton clothes, Liu felt frozen. Liu Litao still firmly holds his righteous thoughts while enduring the seemingly endless persecution, walking along his path in Fa-rectification more and more steadily and becoming more mature.

January 9, 2003