One fellow practitioner couldn't step forward in the past. She always said before, "How can I clarify the truth? It is very difficult." Later, she had a dream that she was climbing a set of steps. On those steps, she couldn't reach up to the fourth step, but other Dafa practitioners were all beyond it. Afterwards, she asked a fellow practitioner's opinion about this dream, "Why could other cultivators go beyond the fourth step?" This fellow practitioner said, "Give salvation to sentient beings and send forth the righteous thoughts." Then she suddenly awakened. One day, she sincerely said to Teacher Li, "I'm sorry." In order to encourage her, Teacher's image appeared on the wall. Since then she has been striving forward vigorously!

She focused her heart and mind on explaining the truth of Falun Gong, and sending forth righteous thoughts. While facing problems, she looked inside herself. If the root of the problem was selfishness, then she sent forth righteous thoughts to extinguish the selfish thought. If the root of the problem was fear, then she sent forth righteous thoughts to destroy the thought of fear.

Whenever she sent forth righteous thoughts, saying "Mie" [This is the last word in one of the formulas, and means "cleaned out," "eliminated," "purged," etc. It is pronounced "Myeh"] in silence, she could hear the sound. Sometimes she sent forth righteous thoughts for half an hour at a time. Before she was afraid to write a solemn declaration [a statement that nullifies actions taken as a result of the intense persecution; the statement is a public declaration of one's determination to keep practicing Falun Dafa] but now she says, "Why am I afraid? Is it right that I didn't write the solemn declaration?" Since raising her xinxing [moral character], she feels explaining the truth is very easy, and she never misses a person who has a predestined relationship with Dafa. Among those people who learned the truth of Falun Dafa, one person started to practice Falun Dafa, distributed the truth-clarifying CDs to people and brought truth-clarifying materials to his hometown to share with local villagers. While she was explaining the truth she had a very pure heart. Moreover, she felt that Teacher's arrangement was suitable for her. She also encourages 4 or 5 practitioners around her.