(Clearwisdom.net) I have a child and occasionally I would share experiences with several practitioners who also have children. Through this I found that we all have met with a similar situation. That is, when we studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts with our children by our side, they would become noisy. How should the practitioners around us and we as parents deal with this issue?

One point comes to my mind: "The old forces are sowing dissension." I realized that the old forces are using the cries of children to disrupt everyone. I found I have mixed feelings when coming to the group Fa study. When I bring my child to the group Fa study, I feel chagrin that others who do not bring children complain that my child is noisy, and I think, "Nobody complains about the child's cry in a noisy environment, such as in front of the Chinese Consulate. Everyone knows it's evil interference. However, during the group Fa study, it seems practitioners would hope that there are no children around." When I do not bring my child to the Fa study, I also hope that others can give me a peaceful environment to study the Fa. I feel other mothers do not keep their children quiet during Fa study, which makes me think that I would rather study the Fa at home.

With this thinking in mind, many practitioners have stopped coming to the group study. Is this what our Teacher requires of us, or is this the old forces' wish?

Certainly, every practitioner's xinxing is different, so their enlightenment is different. Some can send forth righteous thoughts with a peaceful mind amidst noise, but some cannot. However, I think that first of all my heart must be righteous. These little practitioners also came here for the Fa. The group Fa study environment is just as important for them. When we have a non-practitioner baby-sit our children during our group Fa study, even if that person is very good, all our children can learn is the thoughts of everyday people. Only the Fa can give them godly thoughts. A method we can apply is to lead them to study the Fa. Possibly they'll cry and make noise. But that is the child's way of expressing his or her request for help. So I'll give him a hug and take him out of the room. First, I'll find out why my child is crying. If it turns out to be interference, I'll stay outside the room and send forth righteous thoughts. If other practitioners' children make noise, I'll help by sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them.

There is another important factor involved. That is, children follow their parents. If the adults cultivate well, so do their children. If they do not hold themselves to strict requirements then it is very difficult to require their children to be Dafa practitioners all the time. My understanding is that because of special historical reasons, children of Dafa practitioners generally do not have their own karma. In general, there are two reasons for their bad behavior. One is outside interference. When children are very small, it is easy for them to be interfered with. Then the parents must utilize rational thinking and firmly help their children in eliminating the interference by sending forth righteous thoughts. The other reason comes from the adults who have, for a long time, not given up certain attachments. This reflects on their children. Sometimes children even bear karma for their parents. In such a case, the adults (sometimes not only the children's parents, but also practitioners around the situation as well) must calm down, look within and promptly upgrade themselves. Do not look outside of yourself or constantly require the children to "perform well."

This is my personal understanding, my level is limited, so please mercifully point out any mistakes.