January 7, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) No. 1 Division of the Changlinzi Labor Camp, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, used 17 different torture methods upon Dafa practitioners. These techniques can cause death without showing significant injuries. After surviving a torture session, the exhausted and abused Dafa practitioners are thrown unattended and without medical care into a small, empty room. Whenever Dafa practitioners regain consciousness or recover a little strength, they are thrown back into their cell or are tortured again. The torture methods used on practitioners include:

1. Ten fingernails pierced with long needle;

2. Stripped naked and hung up where guards sexually abuse them by torturing their genitals

3. Tall stool used to knock one down to the ground; legs of the stool used to beat one's back until practitioner loses consciousness;

4. Stripped naked; doused with cold water from head to toe; genitals shocked with three electric batons simultaneously; etc.

On the fifth day of each month, which is the visiting day for practitioners' relatives, the prison guards require the relatives to fill out forms that curse Master and Dafa, otherwise the requests for visits will be denied. During the visit, the chief, guards, other prisoners -- over a dozen people --monitor the visit. It is forbidden for visitors to ask about injuries to practitioners or the issue of practicing the Dafa exercises in the labor camp. Some practitioners have wounds on their bodies, so the vicious police require them to wear hats, gloves, etc., to hide the injuries.

Dafa practitioners have been forced to watch TV programs that defame Dafa. Those who refuse to write down "understandings" [agreements with the slanderous propaganda] are tortured. These practitioners' bodies are extremely weak. Dafa practitioners undergoing the severe tortures are: Zang Dianguo and Gao Ke.

It is hoped that all practitioners reading this message send righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil force in the labor camp and call for an end to the evil persecution.

Phone number of No. 1 Division: 86-451-2037101, Chief Yang, Chief Li