"'The Buddha Fa' is most profound; among all the theories in the world, it is the most intricate and extraordinary science. In order to explore this domain, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking. Otherwise, the truth of the universe will forever remain a mystery to humankind, and everyday people will forever crawl within the boundary delimited by their own ignorance." (Zhuan Falun, "Lunyu")

I would like to share my Fa-rectification cultivation experience in the last two years in America. I live in a small city in the middle of Pennsylvania, called State College, which is surrounded by hills. The two big cities in the state, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, are 3-4 hours away. There are many churches here, and it is home to the biggest university of the state, Pennsylvania State University, with over 40,000 students. This is where my Fa-rectification path started.

Step out of my small self, promote Dafa and clarify the truth in the university

When I first arrived here two years ago, I excited looked for Falun Dafa group practice sites. I called the local volunteers many times, hoping to share experiences with them and promote the Fa together. I remembered that practicing together is the cultivation way Master taught us to ensure our improving as a whole, and it is a natural form of promote Dafa, so Master will bring predestined people to the practice site. So I decided to practice outside. I went to Washington DC and watch how practitioners over there did this. Then I made a display board, and took the board to practice the exercises on campus and one other Chinese community almost everyday. The first day I practiced on campus, I chose a lawn that many people pass by. A local reporter took my photo and published it on the next day's local paper. I was so moved by Master's compassion, he doesn't even leave out small places like this. The light of Dafa started shining upon here.

I keep practicing the exercises outside even when it snows. Gradually, people started asking me if there is a campus association that teaches newcomers. I know that I should establish a club. I found out there are hundreds of clubs on campus, and they are all very active. Only registered clubs have access to many facilities on campus. I decided to clarify the truth in a large scale, promote Dafa, and place Dafa in an open and dignified position. So I started calling students that I had met before. I clarified the truth to them one by one, told them the reason why we should have a club on campus, and I took the first steady step. Now I can talk about this lightly, but that was a process of cultivation. How should I position myself? I found omissions in my cultivation. Attachments to fame, personal gain, sentimentality all surfaced. I still did not put down notions of my past. Dafa offers salvation to all, and it is our great Master saving people. I felt ashamed. But I was not discouraged by my problem. Instead, I continued on my path of cultivation. I tried hard to eliminate the interference from fame, personal gain, and sentimentality. I am practicing the true Dafa, then I should be worthy of it, and be a genuine cultivating disciple!

After the club was established in 2001, I started to participate in all sorts of activities to clarify the truth. I collected signatures, and joined art festival activities, local parades, and the SOS walk to bring media attention, held a press conference to welcome the San Francisco SOS caravan, and applied for recognition for Dafa from the local government. I also mailed Dafa materials to the Chinese residents, and hosted together with our university the photo exhibit of "the Fa-Rectification Path."

Major activities brought media attention for Dafa, actively clarified the truth on a large scale, and let the local government know that Falun Dafa is active in the Penn State area, so that we could lay a solid foundation for promoting Dafa. I always try to include kindhearted non-practitioners in our Dafa activities, so that they can understand the unselfish sacrifices of Dafa practitioners, and place themselves in a better position regarding their attitudes toward Dafa. Many fellow practitioners came from places far away to help, and their benevolence and hard work deeply moved me. This strengthened our righteous energy field and helped to eliminate more evil factors around here. I know that Master is in control of everything and strengthens us constantly. Time after time, our activities gave sentient beings opportunities to place themselves righteously and broke the evil's arrangements in our region. My fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts and broad minds deeply touched my heart, and made me see my shortcomings. At the same time, every opportunity is a process for me to break my own rigid thinking and step out of human notions. I know my responsibility more clearly now. People say Falun Gong is very strong at Penn State. I smile in my heart, "Of course, the universal law is very strong!"

The power of Dafa to harmonize everything is also seen in my family

I came to America shortly after getting married. I was very hasty because many Dafa activities were not done here, so these things filled my mind. I often go to other cities to see how they promoted Dafa and clarified the truth, so I neglected how my husband felt and was very busy in doing Dafa work. At first, he did not help. I tried to maintain righteous thoughts and to have no pursuit like Master taught us. Then he wanted to help me to maintain the website. But I found he was still not very respectful toward Master, which made me so sad. I could not help myself and cried one day, and said to him, "Master Li sacrificed for sentient beings unconditionally. He made hundreds of millions people happy, healthy, and successful. So many families are in harmony. No one, not any god in the history ever did this. How can any one disrespect him? Everyone should respect him!"

I was talking firmly, and my tears kept running down my cheeks. I told him how great our Master is. Gradually, I found that my husband's eyes were red, and he could not continue eating. I know his heart was touched. Although his stubborn personality made him appear calm, but he told me that my words moved him. Master Li has endured too much. He will pay back his own karma, as he could not bear to have Master endure for him. His words shocked me. I felt how miraculous Dafa is! My calling from the bottom of my heart moved him. He used to think only that his belief is the highest. Later, whenever I found problems, Master always arranged a proper time for my husband and I to talk. Dafa gave me power so that I could eliminate many evil factors, and my husband's changes were bigger and faster. This made me realize that Falun is always turning, and the Buddha Fa has no boundary. We all carry Falun with us. If we actively rectify the unrighteous elements of ourselves, the power of Falun that strengthens us and offers salvation to others will be seen by all. Things can only get better and better.

Later on, I looked inside at myself again and used higher standards to measure myself when facing conflicts among fellow practitioners, always think of others first, and truly practice and live by "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance". The old forces' arrangements do not work at all, because Dafa is too righteous! The changes in my husband showed me how important it is to clarify the truth with our hearts. The good news is that more and more people understand Dafa now. Although many people who learned Dafa graduated from Penn State or never came to practice with me later, the seeds of Dafa have been planted in them.

One day, when I was delivering newspapers, I met a lady. She took the initiative to ask me about the truth of Falun Dafa, and soon she began to cultivate. Her cultivation brought about many changes in a short period of time. She became actively involved in our Dafa activities, promoting Dafa and clarifying the truth to all the people she knows or come to her restaurant. So Falun Dafa is more widely known and practiced now in the local community. Her righteous thought towards Dafa and her courage helped many Chinese people learn about the truth of Falun Dafa. Her husband also started to cultivate Dafa.

I feel that if every Dafa disciple puts Dafa as the first priority, cooperate well, this righteous energy field would strengthen us and help us complete our jobs well, so that we can walk down the Fa-rectification path together. I have also time after time broken through the limits of my own rigid thinking and walked out of human notions, solidly progressing in fulfilling our mission of saving sentient beings.