December 24, 2002

( After reading the article "Testimony to the Mighty Power of Teacher and Dafa" on Clearwidom Net, I had the desire to write down the mighty power of Teacher and Dafa that I had witnessed during the past six years of my cultivation, and wish this would help us to improve together.

I obtained the Fa on June 10, 1996. On the third day of attending the nine-day seminar, a miracle happened. My body started to be purified. Something unknown was released out of my body and I felt relieved instantly. Prior to practicing Falun Dafa I had high blood pressure, rheumatism, and a running nose. I would catch a cold very easily and I seldom had comfortable days. During the course of attending Teacher's nine-day seminar, I was on time for the first couple of days. On the sixth day, I did not know that it was raining until I reached the ground floor of my apartment. I would be late for the seminar if I turned back to get an umbrella, so I thought, "Who cares?" and walked out of the building swiftly. Walking down the street, I felt as if I was flying and that my feet were floating in the air. After reaching the building where the seminar was held, I realized that I had overtaken all who were walking ahead of me and that my clothes did not have a sign of sweat. That was the first time I arrived in the class so early hence the other practitioners asked me, "Why are you here so early today?"

In September of 1997, because of moving, I had not been studying the Fa well for a long time. When everything was in place, I suddenly felt a desperate desire to study the Fa and complete the reading all of Teacher's books at once. During that period, I never realized that it was time to eat unless someone reminded me, and I only needed to sleep one or two hours per night without feeling tired at all. In order not to disturb others at night, I turned the lamp to the dimmest light. At that moment a beam of light irradiated through the top of the door and shone directly on my book until I finished the entire book. Teacher, you take such good care of me even when I only improved so little. How can I not strive forward vigorously?

I had always practiced at home and never joined the group. After reading what Teacher said in Lecture at the US East Coast Conference, "... all students should go to practice sites to exercise and attend group study regardless of whether you're beginners or veterans..." [un-official translation] I felt that these words were pointing directly at me. I went to look for a practice site near my home on a morning in late April. I didn't find it on the first day. On the second day, I saw a female practitioner carrying a tape recorder so I went up to ask her for the schedule. She replied, "We practice twice a day; 5:30 in the morning and 6:00 in the evening, regardless of the weather." On the third day I went to the practice site on time, while it was raining outside and the wind was chilly. When I arrived, no one was there. Just when I was going to return, Dafa music reached my ears. I followed the path of the music and found many people in the corridor. So I quickly went over and joined the practice group.

Then I felt the bitterness of the cold air. Looking around, everyone had on heavy winter coats and gloves, except me. Although I was shivering, I told myself not to go back since I was already there. Then I started to do the exercises. When I lifted my two arms to do the movements, a miracle happened. A ball of hot air surrounded first my right hand, and then my left hand. As I did the exercises, I also felt a hot current flowing in front of my chest. After doing the four sets of exercises, I felt warm all over my body and didn not feel a bit cold. I was so touched at that moment. I just started to do the exercises with the group for the first time though I had been a veteran practitioner. Nevertheless, Teacher still took such good care of me. I felt the boundless benevolence of Teacher, and my heart was filled with warmth and I had a little embarrassment.

There were many other miracles that happened throughout my cultivation. For example, when I was hand-copying Zhuan Falun, reaching two hundred pages or so, the characters on the pages turned gold. At first I thought it was because of the ink. But after looking at it in all directions, the golden characters still shone brightly. I experienced once more that Teacher encourages practitioners and gives us hints even when we make the tiniest improvement.

Moreover, when we visited a practitioner who was illegally sentenced to forced labor, the police asked each of us respectively, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" I replied to her vaguely. After returning home, I lay on the bed and my body shook. Then I saw that I sloughed off a layer, which looked like a plastic, transparent cylindrical object. I then flew up in the air like a fairy, breaking through layers and layers of clouds and going straight towards a place with dazzling rays of light.

I listed some of my personal cultivation experiences as a testimony to the mighty power and the boundless benevolence of Teacher and Dafa. This led me to a profound understanding of the Fa and rock-solid, righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa.