(clearwisdom.net) In a city in north China, a true story occurred.

Once there was a couple that practiced cultivation in Falun Dafa. After the government crackdown, and under the ensuing pressure, both of them gradually gave up their cultivation practice. Before long, the wife's illness recurred and she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Soon the decision was made to undergo surgery.

The night before she was scheduled to have the surgery, the wife thought about Teacher and felt very regretful in her heart. She held Teacher's Buddha image and cried out involuntarily, "I gave up cultivation because I was pressured. I know Dafa is a righteous Fa and that Dafa offers salvation to people. How can I not be determined in cultivation? I am truly very sorry to Teacher and Dafa."

During her sleep that night, she was awakened four times with great pain in her abdomen. In the restroom she had a large quantity of unusual discharge. There was clotted blood and mucous material. Afterward, her abdomen was free of pain and she slept soundly until morning.

The next day, she arrived at the hospital for surgery, but upon examination the doctor to his surprise, discovered that the uterine cancer had disappeared. The couple went home. They held the Buddha image of our merciful Teacher and cried out again from their hearts. They felt even more regretful to Teacher for giving up their practice. Experiencing Teacher's benevolent and merciful miracle, they recognized on a deeper level the preciousness of Dafa.

From that day forward the couple began their cultivation practice anew. They vowed to follow Teacher closely, keep up to the Fa-rectification, save all beings, and cultivate to completion.