January 14, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, when I exchanged experiences with fellow practitioners, I learned that some fellow practitioners were spending a large amount of time on their jobs, which shortened their time spent on Fa-rectification cultivation and also caused them to be physically exhausted. It also affected their participation in sending forth righteous thoughts at 12:00 a.m. by Dafa practitioners around the world.

I think this is absolutely not what Master has arranged. Since Fa-rectification has reached the end of its last stage and time is pressing, how could Master arrange for so much everyday work to take up our precious Fa-rectification time? This must be the evil's interference and must be eradicated with righteous thoughts.

The working environment arranged by Master is for us to cultivate and to better clarify the truth and save people using the circumstances provided by our work. We should not solely work for the sake of work itself. We should be clear about what is primary and what is secondary.

We know through Fa study, that Dafa practitioners must regard the Fa as top priority in anything we do. Right now, the Fa is rectifying the cosmos and we co-exist with Master's Fa-rectification and assisting Master in the human world; everything else exists solely depending on what is needed by Fa-rectification. Of course, this does not mean Dafa practitioners do not need to work; on the contrary, we not only need to work, we also must do our job well. However, we must place righteously the relationship between work and Fa-rectification and truth clarification, since doing well in our work is also our harmonizing Dafa in the human world, and it serves to fulfill our historic mission of saving people. We should never forget our responsibility of Fa-rectification. Dafa practitioners are the main characters of this play in the human world and we should not be controlled by something that causes us to not be able to do Fa-rectification work, which is the most important. Our pre-historic wish can be fulfilled only through our actively breaking through all kinds of barriers and forms of interference.

Right now, there are still many people in the world who are deceived by lies, and we need to clarify the truth to them. Our own cultivation and improvement also require time. More time means more people will be saved. We should make good use of our time during work and in daily life, and we also must eliminate interference from the evil and not let the old forces take advantage of our gaps. Sometimes, we feel there are many things waiting for us to do, but what if we don't have time? I think we should obtain and re-arrange time with our righteous thoughts.

I pay serious attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and I added the thought, "eliminate all evil that interferes with my Fa-rectification and that which takes up my precious Fa-rectification time," to eliminate all the evil that occupies my Fa-rectification time through the form of human work. There are many forms of interference. For instance, the copier, which usually worked well, would jam whenever I tried to use it, and therefore wasted lots of time. I was often asked to go on errands, which interferes with my daily exercises, Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts at the top of the hour and reading articles on Clearwisdom. Sometimes, the assignments given to me took a long time and had to be verified by several levels of supervisors. Whenever I encountered this type of incident, I sent forth righteous thoughts aimed at this work, "eliminate all evil that interferes with my completing this work and this cannot be used to take up my precious Fa-rectification time." The result was that I always completed the assignment within the shortest time and it successfully passed several levels of scrutiny; in others' eyes, I had done a great job, and at the same time it shows that Dafa is supernormal and powerful.

From this I realized that the evil would try to take advantage of any chance that it can get. Although problems occur in our work, we should still treat them with righteous thoughts. In fact, this is one of the evil's ways of interference; it wastes our precious Fa-rectification time by creating difficulties in our work.

If Dafa practitioners can complete their work well and more efficiently than expected, then we could have more time with the three things required by Master (study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, clarify the truth), and better save people.

The above are some of my experiences to share with fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.