(Clearwisdom.net) My last name is Chen, I am 50 years old, and I came to the United States from Taiwan 25 years ago. I currently live in North Carolina.

My health was extremely poor when I was young. It was as though I had a serious cold all the time. My whole body felt painfully uncomfortable and weak. I would often ask for sick leave. I had to quit school after finishing the fourth grade of primary school. After I came to the United States at age 25, my health condition became even worse. I worked in a restaurant and each day it became more and more difficult to support myself. I also suffered gradual memory loss to the point that I could not even recall my home phone number. This situation continued until three and a half years ago. My whole body felt lifeless. I did not even have the strength to stand, and my two legs would tremble and shiver. After each day's trip to the restaurant, I would have to find a place to lie down.

I had constantly sought treatment over a period of twenty plus years, but failed to find any true diagnosis. I visited many major cities and states across the U.S. In the north, I visited Boston, New York and Washington; in the south, I visited Florida; in the west, I visited Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I even visited Toronto in Canada and traveled as far as Taiwan. Whether it was a western medical clinic or a Chinese practice, I would go there as long as people recommended it to me. What was the result? I went through routine blood testing to advanced CT scans, as well many other advanced techniques. All the test results indicated that my organs and body functions were normal. Without finding any evident problem, the doctors were reluctant to give any prescriptions, as they did not want to be held liable. Although I spent a lot of money, the doctors were helpless and could not even prescribe medication. Yet, my physical condition worsened with each passing day. I was so frustrated and angry. There were a few times when I quarreled with the doctors. The doctors were left not knowing what to do. Some of them even thought that I was just seeking trouble; others thought I had a psychiatric problem and sent me to a psychiatrist for examination. I was in deep pain and could not find anywhere to go.

I then resorted to traditional Chinese medicine--herbs, acupuncture, huoguan treatment. I tried everything but nothing helped. In my state, medical insurance companies would not cover the medical expenses from traditional Chinese medical treatments. Thus we spent a huge amount of our own money. A special prescription of Chinese herbs from Taiwan for a two-week dosage would cost us several thousand dollars. After a period of time, we just could not afford the medical expenses. I had also visited many so-called Qigong Masters who were asking extremely high prices.

A lot of money had been spent, but my health still did not show any sign of improvement and even worsened with time. Each day my family was shadowed in sadness. The burden of making a living fell on my wife's shoulders. In order to acquire health insurance for me, she gave up her own restaurant without any hesitation and went to work in an American company. I felt my life was reaching its end and started to travel around. Although my health was in such bad shape, I still had some heart for a few more looks at this world before death.

One day my niece, who was in college at the time, came across a book called Zhuan Falun through one of her classmates. I took a brief look and put it aside without reading it through. As time went by, my body increasingly weakened, so I thought, "Let me give Qigong a try." I started reading Zhuan Falun again and found a practice site. The veteran practitioners taught me the five sets of exercises patiently. After getting home, I practiced for a few days and immediately felt not as weak as before. I became more interested and continued practicing the exercises. On the weekend, I also joined the group exercise. I felt relaxed and my body regained new vitality each day. Two or three months later, a practitioner commented one day, "Mr. Chen, you look pretty healthy now." "Indeed, I have never felt so good like this in my life," I replied. All of my problems that had been so difficult to cure for several decades had suddenly vanished.

One month ago, I went to Philadelphia to take part in a Falun Dafa conference. On the second day of the conference, there was a one-hour parade. I easily walked to the end of the parade. During those few days, I walked each day to the conference center and back to the hotel with other practitioners from my state. I was always walking in the front and my fellow practitioners were so amazed. Now they often say that my face looks shining and my eyes bright.

I would like to share my personal experience to demonstrate to the world that Falun Dafa is truly a great cultivation method. It can purify our bodies and improve our morality; it enables families to become harmonious and society to be stable. It was Master Li and Falun Dafa that gave me a second life. No matter how Jiang's regime slanders Dafa and spreads rumors, I will never give up my cultivation.