(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Wang Fudong is severely disabled. His bones suffered from severe calcium deficiency, so he was unable to bend down or walk properly. Even with the help of a crutch, he could walk only with great difficulty. As such, he had been living a miserable life. However, after taking up Falun Dafa practice, his physical strength improved significantly, but more importantly, his outlook on life also changed and he had a greater determination to live a full life.

Ever since Fudong's father died, his mother took great pains to bring up her two disabled sons with no financial assistance from the government. To help with the family income, Fudong raised a cow and six goats. Despite his disability, every day without fail he took the animals up the hill behind his home to graze in the pasture. It was not uncommon to find that he had fallen over and cut himself every now and then while trying to round up the animals, bending over, or trying to scratch his legs. However, he was not perturbed by all those problems.

Shortly before the Spring Festival 2002, Fudong learned about the importance of clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to people. As a Dafa practitioner, he decided to do something about the persecution. Ignoring objections from other members of the family, Wang Fudong, with only twenty Yuan in his pocket, took a train from Dalian City, Liaoning Province back to his hometown at Chaqian Town, Da'an County, Jilin Province and began his mission of clarifying the truth of Dafa and exposing the lies of Jiang's regime to the public. As soon as he arrived at his hometown he busily engaged himself in putting up posters, distributing flyers, and with a loudspeaker he played back the news of the persecution that was recorded from the World Falun Dafa Radio to the public. At the same time, he courageously exposed the truth of the so-called "Tiananmen self-immolation incident" to students and teachers at the Chaqian Town High School.

One day, a few months after Wang Fudong returned to Dalian, Wang Kai, who is the Chief of Police from Chaqian Town Police Station, along with a police officer from Da'an County Police Department, came to Dalian City. With the help of a Dalian police officer, they kidnapped Fudong. They confiscated all his Dafa books and videotapes as well.

Seeing their unreasonable attitude, Fudong's brother tried to tell the police what Dafa had done for their family, "I had been paralyzed in bed for many years. Since I started to practice Dafa I can move around, write and do other light tasks with ease. With some assistance, I can even get myself down onto the ground. This is something I was unable to do before." Ignoring what he said, the officer from Dalian replied, "We are not going to let you recover either."

Fudong's mother also tried to prevent the police from taking away her son, but the police plainly ignored them. After forcing Fudong into the trunk of the car, they drove him away.

While traveling on the train back to Chaqian , Fudong overheard the policemen's conversation. Wang Kai told the other officer that he did not come to Dalian because of duty but for personal satisfaction. He wanted his name to appear on the headlines, and therefore would not let even a disabled person go. During the two days in Dalian, the two officers had spent over 1,500 Yuan, which they charged as expenses. (The average monthly income for an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.) After arriving back at Chaqian, they used the letters Fudong wrote to Wang Kai and the Town Mayor asking them not to persecute Dafa practitioners, and the Dafa material confiscated as evidence to put Fudong in prison.

The bunkers in the prison were very cramped. Wang Fudong was forced to lie down for two months, causing further impairment to his bones and mobility. He was sent to Baicheng City Labor Camp, and then later sentenced to three years of forced labor education. Because Wang Fudong's physical condition was deteriorating they allowed the sentence to be served outside the camp.

After leaving the camp, Wang Fudong stayed with his relatives for a few days, during which he lost no time in clarifying the truth to their neighbors. One day, on his way back home on a train, he was again arrested by two plainclothes policemen and ended up in a prison for half a month.

At present, Wang Fudong is paralyzed and compelled to stay at home. Seeing her two disabled sons in bed, their mother often cried bitterly.

This is an appeal to all kindhearted people - come and help expose this wickedness and end the persecution.