(Clearwisdom.net) I am almost 70 years old this year, and am currently working in a library. I attained the Fa during the period of time when the voice of the Chinese government was more and more loudly forbidding people to practice Falun Gong. At that time, I had diabetes. I had heard that Falun Gong could cure disease, and thought that, regardless of what the Chinese government said, as long as it could cure disease, I had to find the book and check it out.

From the time I first picked up Zhuan Falun, I have never wanted to put it down. I read it everyday. During the course of my practice, my disease was naturally healed. For several years, I haven't had to take any medicine. I'm almost 70 years old but very healthy. For several years, I have gone to the Liberty Bell almost everyday to distribute newspapers and clarify the truth to people, and neither wind, rain, snow nor hot weather bothered me. I am increasingly healthier and more active. Whenever I think about this, as a disciple, I truly thank Master from the bottom of my heart.

Next, I will share my experience in clarifying the truth at the library and how the library manager's attitude towards Falun Gong changed step by step.

This library is one of the leading libraries in the city in terms of circulation and numbers of books, including many Chinese books. Since the library is located near Chinatown, a lot of Chinese people go there everyday.

My position in the library's Chinese department was formerly filled by an African-American person. Due to some cultural differences, there were many difficulties in the work. When it was decided that my husband and I were going to the Chinese department to work, I thought that since I was able to work in a part of the US government, I needed to pay attention to keep a Dafa disciple's good image all the time. I would work hard and do a good job. After realizing that a library is a window for westerners to get to know Asian culture, and also a bridge for Chinese and Chinese-Americans in the US to learn about Chinese culture, I knew that I must do my job well. After we started to work in the library, we have been making good use of the time to organize books, and offered good service to the customers. We delivered books to the elderly and those who had difficulty moving, and we received very good feedback. The manager of the library highly commended this extra service we performed in delivering books door to door after he heard of it. I also designed several different kinds of management systems for the department and established a system to organize the books. All the books and videotapes in the Chinese department were now all well organized and very easy to find. The manager began to see this old couple in a different light.

While organizing books, I found that there were two copies of the books for every religion, but there was only one copy of The Great Cultivation Way of Falun Dafa on the shelf. I realized that my job in the library was arranged by Master Li. As a Dafa disciple, I should utilize this opportunity to put more Dafa books on the shelves in order to help more people obtain the Fa. At one point while talking to the manager of the library, I told her that someone wanted to donate some books to the library but did not know whether there were any rules governing donations. When I mentioned the book Zhuan Falun, the smile on her face disappeared. She said that we already had a book with a yellow cover on Falun Gong. She also said that Falun Gong was controversial in mainland China, and that no one would read it even we put it on the shelf. I thought to myself that since the manager was from Taiwan, she did not know the real situation in China. I decided to let her know about the true situation. Everyday, I read the Fa carefully. When I was reading the Fa, I always felt that the solutions for my unresolved problems kept coming to my mind. For instance, I did not go to school for many years, nor had I worked in a library before, not to mention study to become a professional librarian. Even though I am already nearly 70 years old I can still do my work well. The manager and the staff in the library, as well as the customers, were all satisfied with my work. This is the result of studying the Fa and cultivating my heart and of Master's help to his disciples. I sincerely thank Master Li.

In order to put more Dafa books on the shelves, I again tried to talk to the manager, and she again tried to avoid the issue. When some fellow practitioners brought books to the library, she did not let me know. I understood that Jiang's political regime persecutes Dafa and Dafa practitioners, and has created only one voice in China, so that everybody sings the same song. He has poisoned millions of Chinese people, including this manager. So I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces behind her, and at the same time realized that Fa-rectification is a serious thing, and that I couldn't drag this on. My thoughts were very righteous, and I must get Zhuan Falun on the shelves. I told my boss that a gentleman said that he brought some Dafa books to the library about two months ago to be donated, and that he was still waiting for your answer. My boss told me that the books had been sent to the main library, and that nothing had been heard from them yet. I immediately suggested that we put Zhuan Falun on the shelves on our own, without word from the main library. She was silent for a long time. I prepared myself to lose my job and did not move a step while waiting for her answer. Finally she opened her mouth and asked me, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" I told her that I was a Dafa disciple. She was stunned and temporarily speechless. I did not want to embarrass her, so I left. Two days later, she told me that she had agreed to put Zhuan Falun on the shelves. I was happy about her change of heart and also grateful to her for putting Dafa books on the shelves and making them more accessible. As soon as the manager agreed, I put Zhuan Falun on the shelves. Meanwhile, I urged her to pay attention to the other Dafa books and videotapes sent to the main library. I also told her that if Dafa books and materials are casually lost, it would be a sin, nor could it be compared to other cultivation systems. Our master has 100 million disciples. From past to present, who else has had such great virtue and dignity? For several years, the more persecution Dafa has suffered, the stronger it has become. Throughout the past, evil has never been able to overcome the righteous. After I continued time after time to clarify the truth to her, she understood much more. A few days later, the manager happily told me that all the Falun Gong materials were saved in the computer system in the main library, and would be sent to us in a few days. I was very happy and thanked her, since it was the result of her efforts.

The library I work at has a main library, under which are several branch libraries. One day, many people from the main branch came to inspect the work. They surveyed the Chinese department for a long time, looking at the materials that we had organized, and were very pleased. After they left, our manager said, "Two people of almost 70 years of age and who only work around 20 hours a week were able to organize so much material that the heads of the main library were very pleased and thanked us." From then on, the Chinese department was often visited and inspected by various people. The head of the main library even brought a delegation from France to visit. Our manager thanked us over and over again, and I said, "If you want to thank anyone, thank Dafa and our master, because he was the one who said that we should first of all do our jobs well."

After Zhuan Falun was put on the shelves, it was quickly checked out. After this I talked with the manager, and she agreed to let the Dafa materials sent by the main library, including Zhuan Falun, an exercise instruction tape, and English versions of Dafa books and tapes, to be put on the shelves simultaneously, making it easier for people with predestined relationships to obtain the Fa.

This September, during a group study session, fellow practitioners said they wanted to hold a Falun Dafa photo exhibit, but couldn't find a suitable place to hold it. I remembered it, and talked to our manager about holding the photo exhibit at the library. She agreed to let us use the space for free, and even provided the equipment and materials we would need. In order to attract more people to the photo exhibit, she publicized it in many different ways. During the time the photo exhibit was held, the library would sponsor many events, so that before and after the events, people could view the photo exhibit. On the opening day of the exhibit, she walked into the library and was extremely surprised to find that all the books were arranged neatly in order. Practitioners had used Saturday and Sunday to organize the books. This was the practitioners' way of remembering the spirit of "April 25th," where, after the practitioners left, there was not even one cigarette butt left on the ground. This photo exhibit was hosted by practitioners, and so would give everyone a fresh, new experience. When our manager entered the exhibit, it was apparent when she looked around that she had not expected it to be arranged so beautifully. In addition, it was the first time she had seen so many practitioners, all of whom were very gentle, natural, beautiful and peaceful, and cooperated with each other very well. She also saw our exercise demonstration and our own rendition and performance of "Pu Du" and was moved. During the opening ceremony, she said a few words, admitting that in the beginning she was prejudiced against Dafa, but after watching my behavior, she changed her view and attitude towards Falun Gong. She said that the actions of so many Falun Gong practitioners led her to see all of them in a new light.

After the exhibit, the manager ordered many Dafa books and said to me, "I am very happy." "We both truly see each other in a new light," I replied.