(Clearwisdom.net) The 2003 Singapore Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on January 11, 2003. Creating a solemn atmosphere, practitioners from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and US attended this grand conference.

The conference started with sending forth righteous thoughts together. Practitioners extended their greetings to Master Li and reviewed New Year's Greetings from Master. After a choir sang the Fa Rectifies the Cosmo, 18 practitioners shared their cultivation experiences. Many more experience papers were submitted, but could not be read due to shortage of time. A practitioner reported how practitioners at her practice site followed Master to join in the Fa rectification process and did their best to do the three things well, i.e. studying Fa, clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts.

A practitioner shared his experience in clarifying the truth at Singapore's tourist attractions. An engineer talked about the touching story of how he and fellow practitioners visited construction sites in Singapore over the last year and brought the beauty of Dafa to over ten thousands of construction workers from China. A practitioner shared her experience in attending international cultivation experience conferences as well as truth clarification activities and her deepened understanding of the principles of Dafa.

Australian practitioner Dai Zhizhen's speech was on her and her husband Chen Xianyong's experiences in rectifying the Fa in China. Her story moved many people to tears. Some practitioners shared moving stories of the changes Falun Dafa had brought to them physically and mentally. Practitioners from Malaysia and Indonesia also made speeches and were warmly welcomed.

The speeches shared touched people's hearts and reflected their understanding of the Dafa. The successful conference demonstrated that practitioners are advancing collectively as their understandings of Fa principles deepen. Practitioners expressed that they will truthfully follow Master's teaching and more actively join the Fa rectification process with different approaches, clarify the truth and save precious Chinese people.

The Singapore FGM TV team showed the short video programs Our Footsteps and For You We Come, which were well received. The conference successfully concluded with group singing of Falun Dafa is Good.