Sunwu County Dafa practitioner, Wang Dehai, 52-years old, has been illegally detained in Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang province ever since he unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square on November 13th 2000. He is very firm and often conducts hunger strikes to protest the illegal detention. Policeman Han (2nd squadron commander of 2nd brigade), and Liu Wei (former political instructor of 2nd squadron, current political instructor of 1st squadron) direct inmates to torture Wang Dehai, and often torture Dafa practitioners themselves. Wang Dehai has been persecuted so severely that he looks more than ten years older than his actual age, and has been diagnosed as having stomach cancer. Even so, Suihua Forced Labor Camp refuses to release him.

Hegang Dafa practitioner Zhao Fenghui had symptoms of a stroke after he conducted a hunger strike for eleven days, and was sent to a hospital for emergency treatment. Police in Suihua Detention Center forced his family members to pay the large amount of medical expenses. Later he was released on bail for medical treatment. Afterwards his wife was compelled to divorce him. Soon after that, he was arrested again and illegally detained in Hegang Forced Labor Camp.

In order to make Dafa practitioners submit, police in Suihua Forced Labor Camp often torture practitioners with electric batons or beat them with their fists and feet. They try to force Dafa practitioners to write the "Guarantee Statement" to state they will obey the rules and discipline in the forced labor camp. You can continuously hear the sound of electric batons. The policemen also try to force Dafa practitioners to do things against their beliefs such as practice Taichi exercises, thus trampling on citizens' freedom of belief.

The perpetrators' names:

Yang Bo, 2nd brigade political instructor
Gao Changhai, 2nd brigade vice-political instructor
Chen Xinlong, 1st squadron commander
Liu Wei, 1st squadron political instructor
Han, 2nd squadron commander of 2nd brigade
Ni Jun, 2nd squadron brigade chief of 2nd brigade
Chong Si, 3rd brigade chief
Zuo, 3rd brigade political instructor