(Clearwisdom.net) I am over 60 years of age and I have practiced Falun Dafa for over 8 years. Because I was born in a poor family, I had to live on pickles and rice noodles in order to save money for school fees. My body started breaking down long before I became elderly. When I was 30 years old I was beset by all kinds of illness. I developed severe rheumatism, neurasthenia, stomach diseases, high blood pressure, nasopharyngitis, and many other ailments. I suffered in extreme agony from illnesses all day long for years, and not one day was I happy. I could not work, I could not do any housework, I had no energy, and I felt worse than a 70-80 year-old man, although I was only in my mid-forties. I suffered from all kinds of psychological stress; my life was worse than death. I took many medicines but none of them were helpful. I often sat home alone, crying to myself, uncertain if I had the strength to face another day.

My life only became enjoyable after I had the good fortune to obtain Dafa. After only a few days of practice, my health began improving; after practicing for a short while all my illnesses disappeared miraculously. My body and mind were so joyful and relaxed; when I walked I didn't feel tired, my body was full of strength, and my xinxing (moral character, mind nature) also improved. I was deeply touched by the power of Dafa. This all seemed rather strange to me. It was through watching Master Li's video lectures that I was fully convinced by the boundless and intricate law of the cosmos. I began to understand the meaning of life -- to return to one's true origin. I have nothing but gratitude towards Dafa for saving me.

Dafa has saved many millions of people. Master Li has taught us the importance of cultivating our xinxing: to be kind and to be a good person, to consider others in whatever we do and ultimately to enlighten into a righteous being who is selfless and will always consider others before ourselves. Such a mighty law could only be beneficial to society, yet it is being persecuted for no reason. I as an individual am also being persecuted; this can hardly be tolerated by the heavenly laws. The persecutors will end up doing harm to themselves and condemning themselves. The persecution has also triggered the determination of millions of good people to follow the cultivation way taught by Master Li! The truth will soon be revealed to the world, and Dafa will save all kind hearted beings.