Thirty seven year old Lin Chengtao held a masters degree and was an Assistant Research Scientist in the Fundamental Research Institute of Concord (note: original Chinese name is Xie2 He2) at the University of Medical Science in China. He was an important figure in the National "863" High-Tech Research Program and the US Chinese Medicine Foundation CMB Project. He was a good and decent person who always worked very hard. This young scholar is being severely persecuted in Tuanhe Labor Camp for upholding his belief and the truth.

He was abducted and sent to Unit No.2 of Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in October 2001. He immediately faced inhumane torture such as sleep deprivation and other physical punishments. After a long period of torture by the police, he seemed distant and removed all the time and would not speak a single word.

In the end of 2001, his wife was brainwashed in Xin'an Labor Camp, and she turned against her belief in Falun Dafa. She sent letters suggesting that the leaders in Tuanhe Labor Camp adopt the methods used in the Women's Labor Camp, including electric shock, physical punishment, psychological abuse and sleep deprivation, to force Lin to give up his belief. This shows how vicious and inhumane those brainwashing sessions are, that they could make a person who used to strive to be compassionate into someone who would persecute her own husband. The police then forced Lin to read his wife's letter over and over again. Finally, Lin could not take such mental stress, and rushed into the hallway, shouting loudly. Since then, his mental condition has remained severely damaged.

Even so, the perpetrators of Unit No.2 still would not leave him alone. They sent him to the West Building of Tuanhe Labor Camp. On July 3, 2002, Lin was tortured in the West Building and he was slammed against the wall. He lost a lot of blood. Under the influence of this long period of persecution and not being clearheaded, he wrote the so-called "Transformation Document." But when he became clearheaded again, he immediately stated to the Unit leader his wish to withdraw the "Transformation Document," and that he was still determined to safeguard Dafa and uphold the truth firmly.

The leaders in Unit No.2 saw their failure despite threatening him with force and tempting him with gain. They were afraid this would affect their brainwashing of others, so they sent Lin to Unit No.4, which was the intensive monitoring unit. Many practitioners heard Lin shouting, "Falun Dafa is Good" on his way to Unit No.4. The leaders in Unit No.4 tied him to a steel bed and opened the windows to let the cold wind torture him. The original term of Lin's illegal sentence was due to expire on December 19, 2002, but the unit leaders claimed, "He should never have thought he could get out of here before being completely transformed."