Police Agents Yu Zhihe and Zhao Wenhua, in Yueyang City, Hunan Province have tortured Falun Gong practitioners for more than 3 years. The following is a partial list of those tortured:

  1. Practitioner Luo Jichuan, 62, while in a hanging position [The practitioner's hands are twisted behind his back and handcuffed.?The police then pull his hands over his head and hang him up in the air so that his feet are lifted off the ground.], was branded in 48 places on his stomach, chest, and back by two glowing hot screwdrivers which were heated on a 2000 Watt electric stove. Luo's body was severely injured from the abuse.
  2. Practitioner Lu Yuanxiu, 60, was hung by his handcuffed wrists and physically abused.
  3. Practitioner Li Nianchun, 61, was illegally sentenced to 7 years in labor camps. (He was originally sentenced to 13 years, and it was only after his relatives were extorted of 60,000 Yuan by the corrupt police that his term was lowered to 7 years.)
  4. Practitioner Cao Meilan, 52, was hung for 24 hours. She slipped into a coma, and was then subjected to smoke fumes and was doused with cold water.
  5. Practitioner Ji Jinlian, 53, was pummeled severely, to the point where the impact dislodged her eyeballs from their sockets. Her left ankle was crushed and she was not able to stand up and walk. The brutal policemen yelled while beating her: If we have not beaten her to the point that she is urinating in her pants, we should continue the beating!
  6. Practitioner Li Songbiao, 53, after being severely beaten, was burned by a hot branding iron in a dozen places on his body. Only after 5,000 Yuan were extorted from his relatives was he released. Agent Yu said: If no money is paid for this practitioner's release, we will send him to a labor camp.
  7. Practitioner Yu Yingnan, 62, was jailed 5 times and his house was ransacked 6 times. This elderly couple was also beaten 4 times. Their savings of 2,700 Yuan, TV set, VCD player, tape recorder, and even a small radio receiver were all taken, leaving nothing in the house.
  8. Practitioner Duan Quangui, 48, suffered from bleeding stools caused by the severe physical abuse administered during his 37-day detention. He was released only after two criminal agents extorted his relatives of more than 3,000 Yuan.
  9. Practitioner Chen, 60, made a living by selling her homegrown vegetables in a farmer's market. Because she was clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, criminal policemen Yu Zhihe and Zhao Wenhua beat her severely and extorted 2,000 Yuan from her.
  10. Practitioner Yang Yinping, 60, was handcuffed to an iron rail after his arrest by the two vicious policemen and was severely burned on his waist, chest, and back by a hot steel saw blade. Due to serious wrist injuries received from the extreme handcuffing his hands have still not yet recovered 8 months later. The police confiscated 11 computers, 2 printers, 1 copier, mobile phones, and all Internet connection equipments from his daughter's home.
  11. Practitioners Li Daquan and Zhao Qunlan were extorted of 3,000 Yuan by Yu Zhihe and Zhao Wenhua after they were jailed for 37 days in November 2000. Shortly after their release they were sent to a forced labor camp by the two vicious police agents.

We appeal to those kind people of conscience to stop these two police agents who persecute Falun Gong practitioners. These two criminals should be punished for disregarding the law.

Police Agents: Yu Zhihe (Chief of Security Brigade), Zhao Wenhua (State Security Agent) Tel: 86-730-817-1099