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  1. The Persecution Has No Justification

    When I read the article "My Views on the Relationship Between Attachments and the Persecution" by a fellow practitioner, I realized I felt the same way. Whether is sending forth righteous thoughts or clarifying the facts, as long as we consider everything from the point of the Fa and do everything for the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, then there won't be such thoughts as "eliminating attachments for the purpose of avoiding the persecution."

    The ultimate intentions of the old forces are to persecute and do damage. For example, I used to imagine a scene of practitioners being tortured and thought that I would be as brave and heroic as them if I was arrested. But isn't it pursuing persecution arranged by the old force if such thoughts occur often? Are we consciously or unconsciously asserting the persecution of our fellow practitioners by the old forces? Each and every thought of ours should be on the Fa. Only then are we really walking along the path of cultivation arranged by Teacher.

  2. Dafa Practitioners Are One Body

    In the book The Journey to the West (Xi You Ji, Story of the Monkey King) a lot of cultivation principles are presented. The Master and his disciples in the story worked as one body before they were able to obtain the real Buddhist scriptures. In order to complete the mission of Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, Dafa Practitioners also have to become one body. Different smaller bodies compose larger bodies, just as the heavenly bodies are structured. There are different parts in one body each assuming different functions. Each practitioner's state of cultivation is different, and his or her attachments are varied. But we should not complain about how strong other people's attachments are. On the contrary, we ought to encourage and help each other and improve together. Thus we can advance diligently and complete the mission of Fa-rectification.

  3. Clarifying the Facts is Not for Satisfying One's Conscience

To Dafa practitioners, printing truth-clarifying materials and distributing flyers are not for satisfying one's conscience. Rather they are for Fa-rectification, harmonization, and for saving sentient beings. In other words, conscience can never be compared to benevolence.

Conscience is something that a non-practitioner can also possess. But can a non-practitioner have benevolence? Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings have to be done by Dafa Practitioners (Of course everyday people can help). That is to say we have to do everything from the point of view of Dafa.

The above is the enlightenment at my current level. Please kindly point out the mistakes.