Since July, 1999, many Falun Gong websites have been blocked by the evil forces. On July 19th, most of the Dafa websites could not be accessed. On July 20th, the Hong Kong Dafa website that normally could be viewed was blocked. These websites were replaced with evil propaganda, spread far and wide by the Chinese dictatorship's regime.

I lost contact with fellow practitioners, and did not know what to do, but I did not believe the media rumors. No matter what Teacher does, it is always with the righteous Fa-principles, even though I do not yet fully understand. During one of Teacher's lecture classes, I had said to him in person: "I will certainly keep practicing. I will persist in Dafa."

After more than half a year had passed, in April 2000, I suddenly received email messages that clarified the truth of the persecution. One such message explained the persecution to Dafa practitioners, and also introduced how to break through the information blockade, and how to view the Minghui website. I was shocked, happy and worried. I was shocked by such a serious persecution to Falun Gong and practitioners, but I was happy, because I could finally see Dafa news. I worried that it could be a trap by someone with ulterior motives.

Thereafter, I started to pay close attention to the Dafa materials received by email. The Dafa truth clarifying materials often came. In June, I finally summoned up the courage, and visited the Minghui website by using a proxy server according to the method introduced in the email message. When I saw Minghui, my gratitude and happiness was indescribable. Since then, not only have I continued to read Minghui, but the capability to keep in contact with previously known fellow practitioners was also restored. I took my steps forward, on the golden road of Fa-rectification cultivation.

I am relating this story because I want to express from my heart to Dafa practitioners outside of China: You are clarifying the truth not only to save sentient beings, but are also directly helping practitioners in China. You play direct and vital roles in lessening the persecution to fellow practitioners in China, cooperating with them to clarify the truth to save all sentient beings. Thank you! I hope all Dafa practitioners can continue to cooperate with each other, improve together as a whole body, and strive forward vigorously!