(Clearwisdom.net) On the second day of the Philadelphia experience sharing conference, a group discussion on how to clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people took place. Disciples from all corners of the globe attended. The conference room was filled with enthusiasm and the discussions were extensive. Fellow practitioners fully utilized those precious moments. Disciples, with their powerful righteous minds, discussed subjects such as how to break through the blockade and clarify the truth and the fact that we Dafa disciples are one whole.

In some areas, clarifying the truth to the precious Chinese people is being done very well. They have established an effective Fa study group that is focused on breaking through China's blockade, and this study group has not experienced any interference. This has helped more disciples elevate their understanding of the Fa and be directly involved with truth clarifying activities. During the conference, one fellow practitioner stated that if every one of us disciples can arouse the enthusiasm of more fellow practitioners around us, the force of the whole will be unstoppable.

An elderly practitioner, who had recently arrived from China to visit relatives in Canada, felt happy for her fellow disciples. She also felt fortunate that she was able to listen to Master lecture the Fa in person. The feeling of excitement was indescribable. She also told her story as an eyewitness to three years of brutal persecution against Dafa disciples. The volunteer contact people in her area were all arrested more than once, and suffered brutal ordeals in prison. Along with other brutal tortures, they were drenched in water and forced to freeze outside. In her area, however, many resilient Dafa disciples stepped away from humanness and joined the drive to clarify the truth to Chinese citizens. They faced difficult situations such as joblessness, lack of food, and lack of money. Many disciples used fifty Yuan from their monthly allowances of one hundred Yuan to create truth-clarifying materials. When she saw the effects of clarifying the truth to Chinese people by overseas disciples, she personally felt that the disciples overseas and in China make up one whole, one body. Everyone who attended the experience sharing conference felt the immensity and great compassion of Dafa.

Practitioners who use the telephone to clarify the truth eagerly spoke up and many disciples gained valuable experience from them. They found out that they needed to speak from the heart. The same words, used at different times, in different circumstances and in different states of mind, bring different results. At the same time, when we let go of ourselves, ignore all distractions, and when our hearts are light with righteousness, the evil loses the dark environment that it needs to survive. When we give up every attachment completely when Dafa disciples are confronting evil, our original selves are invincible in Fa rectification.

Practitioners use the wisdom cultivated in Dafa and the Internet to break through the blockade and clarify the true situation to the Chinese people. They are very successful in clarifying the truth to the Chinese people. The effort and mindset they use might be considered small and inconsequential in our world. Their compassionate effort, though, has induced many precious beings to consider the information before them and has started to change their hearts.

Here is some feedback from Chinese people after viewing truth-clarifying materials:

"Your words from the heart moved me. I will seriously consider this problem."

"Is it really true? I know that the Party controls the news and the media. I have not practiced Falun Gong, nor do I know how you are countering them. However, it has been this long. I also know some of their [the government's] ways of doing things. Do you have other things for me to read? Send it over..."

"As has always been the case, I never believed you [Falun Gong] could be how the Party described you, and I still maintain my own view. I hope your Fa rectification will succeed soon. I wish our people to have real democracy and freedom."

During the following afternoon the discussion on clarifying the truth to Chinese people continued. Fellow disciples completely disapproved of all plans by the old forces. They discussed the state of a practitioner's righteous mind while clarifying the truth, including how to handle different situations and how to answer questions.

Fa rectification is proceeding very fast. While using all means to clarify the truth to Chinese people, we will be more reasonable, wise, and compassionate. We will bring into full play our powers as Dafa disciples, inside and outside China, as a whole, and offer salvation by clarifying the truth.