(Clearwisdom.net) Regularly, we notice that when seeing practitioners' words and actions deviated from the Fa, it may lead to a negative impact on the Fa, sometimes. Although we knew clearly what the problems were, we would not point them out due to either feeling too shy to tell them, or because of such ideas as "since he is a veteran practitioner, I should not be the one to tell him what to do," or "it is no good telling him as he won't accept it." Or "he will get hurt if I tell him, might as well as let him realize it by himself." Doing so, however, allows the problems to remain, causing people who have problems to get stuck at one level and also negatively impacting the Fa-rectification process.

There are innumerable beings waiting to be saved within the celestial bodies of Dafa disciples. How well a practitioner cultivates will directly impact life or death for these beings. If we can't point out others' problems in a kind and selfless way, he/she might not be able to improve, and when the Fa-rectification ends, there may be many beings unable to be saved as a result. This is no small problem

At the Lecture at the Fa-Conference in Canada, a practitioner asked Teacher, "A student has been undergoing tribulations for a long period of time and still can't get over them. Should we point that out for him or should we let him understand it himself through studying the Fa?" Teacher answered: "Since you have found the cause that prevented him from moving forward, why don't you point it out to him? It shouldn't be a problem if you tell him with kind intention. Is it because you are a little afraid of bringing offense to yourselves? Yet, isn't the bad attitude of that person a perfect chance for you to cultivate yourself? It doesn't matter even if he doesn't understand what you said. Shouldn't this emotion (qing) of an everyday person be given up? You should tell him if you see a problem..."

At the Lecture at the Fa-Conference in Canada, there was another practitioner who asked: "Upon seeing the attachments of other students, I often think that they will come to realize and correct them themselves after a while. Yet if the situation persists, can it create a negative impact on the improvement of practitioners as a whole?" Teacher answered: "...Let me give you an example: When Master sees the attachments of a person, he purposely exposes them to you and lets you see them so that you can point them out to that person. Will you then tell him about them? Since every one of you is cultivating Zhen-Shan-Ren, you should be a good person in any circumstance. If you see his shortcomings and see when he can't move upward, why can't you point them out to him with a kind heart? There are different states at different levels of cultivation practice of course. Students will all have different manifestations at different levels. Treat each specific situation as you see fit." Therefore I think that there should be some reason for us to witness that problem. We should fulfill our responsibilities, and devote ourselves for the sake of upgrading overall.

This is my personal understanding. If there is anything not proper, please kindly point it out.