(Clearwisdom.net) As our efforts to spread the Fa increase each day, numerous teams have been established. All of these teams should become good environments for Fa-study and cultivation for their participants.

If a team is a good cultivation environment, then that team will be able to accomplish its tasks well. The busier we are, the more we need to find time for Fa-study as a group to enhance our understandings of the Fa. If a team can study the Fa well together, the beneficiaries will be more than just those within the team. It will also benefit other practitioners who will use the team's accomplishments as well as people who will learn the truth through the efforts of this team.

After a certain new team was first established, because of the hectic workload, some practitioners in the team did not make time to study the Fa every day. After a period of time, it seemed their xinxing could no longer improve and they could not do their jobs as well. When new requirements of Fa-rectification arose, practitioners with higher understandings of the Fa often began the tasks first. Yet the team members were unable to study the Fa well, so the practitioners who previously had higher understandings of the Fa began to lag behind because of the heavy workload. Didn't that encumber the group's most efficient practitioners?

After realizing how big the problem was, the team established a routine which enabled them to study the Fa at regular times first before their discussion about project work. Even in situations when they undertook heavy workloads, they were able to persevere with the routine through their firm belief in the Fa and their cultivation of xinxing.

A team should be a good environment for Fa-study. This is what is required of us during the Fa-rectification period. Time will wait for no one. If a task does not meet the requirements of the Fa-rectification today, we may have to compensate with an even greater price tomorrow, and the delay and postponement are at the expense of sacrificing the lives of numerous sentient beings. So strictly speaking, we are not allowed to make mistakes. Sharing understandings based on the Fa is the key to cohere the team together, which also provides a good foundation for cooperation and coordination between various projects.

In short, let us keep the requirements of the Fa-rectification period in view and completely let go of human dependence on material provisions and the vanity for title and position. Let every team become a good cultivation environment.