Force Feeding of high proof alcohol through a nasal tube

Shenzhen City Armed Police Hospital (also known as Guangdong Province Border Patrol Armed Police Hospital) is the designated medical institution for the Shenzhen "610 Office" brainwashing class. For more than one year, dozens of Dafa practitioners who had been on hunger strikes to protest the persecution were kidnapped to this place and injected and force-fed. This place became another evil site of the "610 Office" in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

Around 1:30 p.m. of March 30th, 2002, in room 329 of the Internal Medicine Department, the medical staff force fed Falun Gong practitioner Liu Xifeng (male, a former school teacher at Shenzhen City Nantou Middle School) high proof alcohol through a nasal tube twice in order to torture him. This practitioner had not been eating or drinking for 16 days. [Note: Falun Gong practitioners do not smoke or drink alcohol so this type of force feeding by medical staff was done solely to degrade and harm this practitioner.]

Xiao Shizhong, a section chief from Shenzhen City National Security Bureau, ordered police officer Wang Wei to buy a bottle of high proof alcohol that was then handed over to head nurse Lu Min. This practitioner told Lu Min, "It is dangerous to force feed strong alcohol to a person on a hunger-strike. Dafa practitioner Zhang Junsheng from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province, died from the nasal feeding with alcohol. If anything happens, will you be responsible?" In front of all the people present, Xiao Shizhong called the leader of Shenzhen City National Security Bureau with his cell phone to get further instructions. Then he waved his cell phone and said, "The leader has issued the order. We can do nasal feeding with alcohol. Execute the order now!"

This Dafa practitioner firmly resisted and loudly exposed the criminal behavior of his persecutors. Xiao Shizhong ordered the closing of windows and doors to silence the practitioner. Police officer Wang Wei took out four sets of handcuffs, cuffed practitioner Liu Xifeng's two hands and feet respectively to a bed and injected a full syringe of alcohol into the nasal feeding tube. Because of the alcohol forced into his system, Liu Xifeng vomited when leaving the building. Xiao Shizhong was very angry and shouted, "Go back and start over again." Xiao Shizhong ordered security guard Song Shichao and another person from the Longgang Security Firm to forcibly drag Liu Xifeng to the third floor and insert the stomach tube once again. Then they injected twice the amount of alcohol they had forced into him during the first time and threatened, "If you vomit again, we will force-feed you the whole bottle!" Thus, in less than one hour, they inserted the tube twice and injected the alcohol twice. On the second time when they pulled out the tube, the tube was covered with blood. This Falun Gong practitioner, Liu Xifeng, suffered serious torture of body and mind.

Human body experiments

Around noon on March 22nd, 2002, Liu Xifeng, who was on hunger strike was taken against his will to room 301 of the first section of the Internal Medicine Department to be force-fed. The section chief, Xiao Shizhong, shouted in the corridor, "Let's puncture this pig to death. Let's do a human body experiment. Whoever wants to learn can come!" Security guards Zhang and Tang Jianfeng from Shenzhen City Longgang Security Firm said, "We want to learn how to insert stomach tubes when feeding medicine into an animal." The head nurse Liu Min approved their request. Thus, the tube insertion was performed by the security guards who were non-medical personnel. Since they did not know how to do this procedure, they inserted the tube and took it out repeatedly, which was extremely painful to Liu Xifeng. Finally, the improper procedures caused him to have trouble breathing; his whole body twitched and his life appeared to be in danger. They had to put him on a cardiac monitor to perform an emergency rescue. Doctor Liu who was on duty (female, over 40 years old) prescribed an IV drip in both arms. During this critical moment, security guards Zhang and Tang Jianfeng once again insisted on learning to insert the injection needle. Head nurse Liu Min approved and instructed on-duty nurse Geng Jie to teach them how to do the insertion. These two security guards punctured Liu Xifeng's two hands and arms over twenty times, breaking blood vessels in many places. This went on for more than ten minutes. Then Liu Xifeng started to show severe irregular heart beats, difficulty in breathing and his whole body began to go into seizure. Head nurse Liu Min was afraid that he would die and so she interrupted and and stopped the guards from experimenting on him.

When the lives of Falun Gong practitioners were in serious danger, a group of medical staff at Shenzhen City Armed Police Hospital did not provide any first aid but played with other people's lives and experimented on their bodies as a form of torture. These types of sadistic, criminal and unethical treatment by medical personnel have not been seen since the excesses of fascist movements. We hope kind people all over the world pay close attention to this matter and do everything possible to stop these acts.

Shenzhen City Armed Police Hospital, operator's phone number: 86-755-25567566