Greetings my two sons! Seeing my letter is like seeing me in person. It has been five months since the last time we saw each other. I miss you greatly and you must miss your mother, too. But it is the evil persecution that forced us to separate. I love you the same as when you were little. You have always been very filial and understanding. I still remember during the winter vacation of 1993, you brought home a tape named, "A letter to my family." Your father and I were deeply touched when the song was played and it said: "Hello my dear mom and dad." I will never forget it. I was very grateful that my sons grew up!

You understand everything mother is doing, yet wish I were not detained. I truly understand that you do not want to lose your mother. Ganggang, the first two times I went to Beijing, I did not tell you because I was afraid that you would stop me. But I told Tieer. I was very moved, especially when I went to Beijing for the second time. Xiaohong bought me the mosquito repellent. The third time I went to Beijing, Ganggang tried to stop me at the beginning but changed his mind later. I was very happy for you. You said fair words for Dafa from your point of view and helped me to leave home without being sent to the brainwashing class. Although I was forced to leave home, you always urged your father to accompany me. You would say: "Be very careful." Although you did not take the path of cultivation and have not yet read the Dafa books, you have heard and seen the truth about Dafa practitioners. I still clearly remember Ganggang's answer to the police: "You want to find my mother and force her to denounce Dafa on TV. What can you benefit from it? No way!"

Tieer, when I was detained for the second time, you were also affected and almost got fired. But you said: "Mother, I can let go of it. If I lose this job, I will find another one." It is very nice that you can think this way.

I do not know whether Ganggang and Xiaopei have had their wedding ceremony. You do not have to wait for me. I am sorry that I cannot be there. But I will never betray Dafa, as it is the foundation of my life. Tieer, your birthday is coming. This will be the third time that you spend your birthday without your mother. Two years ago I was detained in the detention center in this city and last year I was forced to leave home. This year I am once again detained in another city. I wish you a happy birthday. May your life be full of joy and happiness!


Your mother in prison