(Clearwisdom.net) Looking back on my Fa-rectification journey over the last three years, I find that the reason I do well in doing many Dafa tasks is that I put Dafa first and at the same time let the standards for Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period be my guide. Being able to think and handle issues under these two conditions, I find that clarifying the truth with righteous thoughts is fundamental and that, I would say, can solve all the issues that we come across during Fa-rectification, but this absolutely does not mean that I object to using other, auxiliary ways available in human society.

In retrospect, I find that whenever my effort to tell people the true facts about Dafa failed to achieve the desired effect, my human mentalities had certainly come into play. I group these human mentalities into the following several types:

1) Out of various concerns or worries, I did not have the courage to unequivocally tell the facts. I hesitated and skipped the important parts. As a result, although I tried, I failed to fully clarify the most basic facts and left some gaps for the evil to take advantage of.

2) Because of interference from my human sentiments, I failed to proceed calmly and compassionately, and truly for the benefit of the audience, which made the audience unwilling to listen or object to our clarification

These two kinds of situations seem to occur more frequently when we are telling the facts of Dafa to friends and relatives. Master told us a long time ago, when we let go of our human sentiments, our benevolence will appear. So, this is a xinxing (mind nature) issue.

3) To a greater or lesser extent, I treated the persecution against Dafa and Dafa disciples as if it were one group of ordinary people persecuting another group of ordinary people, and thus felt that I did not have enough power to do what I wanted to do. I forgot that Dafa disciples have divine powers. After Dafa disciples eliminated those evil factors by explaining the facts and sending forth righteous thoughts, how could everyday people, who supposedly are no longer controlled by these evil factors, still cause any harm to Dafa practitioners?

4) I used to think of or handle issues in an oversimplified way, taking the means that are often used by everyday people as the formula to solve the issues I encountered, and overlooking what these issues really represent from the viewpoint of Fa-rectification. As a result, I did not put much energy into the Dafa work I was doing. If I had not corrected this attitude in time, my mentality of thinking that doing Dafa works is the same as doing everyday people's work would have become stronger and stronger, which would make me fail to meet the requirements of Fa-rectification.

5) To be alert to new opportunities for clarifying the truth, we must not slack off and must get rid of the mentality of fear. Actually, while we can continue to use the several means or ways that we have successfully utilized, we also need to continuously open our minds and be open to new ideas. There are still many ways in the human society that we have not utilized. But our slacking off and the conservative mentality have sometimes limited us and made us miss some opportunities of clarifying the truth. Various ways can be used for telling the facts to different people. For instance, we can let people know the facts in airports or scenic spots, where we come into contact with Chinese people from different regions and from all segments of society. In some other situations we may have to seek out individuals and tell them the truth one by one in order to widely spread the truth to that specific segment of the population and area. For example, the U.S. Dafa practitioners' lawsuit against Zhao Zhifei during his visit in the United States [He is the head of the Public Security Bureau for the Hubei Province in China. He was charged with crimes against humanity, including murder, torture and falsely imprisoning Falun Gong practitioner. Please see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/12/24/17104.html for more details] and the Hong Kong's political trial [where sixteen Dafa practitioners were falsely accused by orders of Jiang's minions of "obstructing traffic" and "attacking police officers" by the Hong Kong authorities because of their peaceful appeal to end Jiang's persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in Mainland China] have opened up the doors for us to clarify the truth to the individuals, using specific methods. Only by making the best use of all known ways can we come into contact with people from all walks of life in the society and all individuals who have a predestined relationship with Dafa, and make our efforts of clarifying the truth more successful.

6) We should quickly put into effect whatever good ideas we come across. While we know that during a peaceful time in our environment we should make solid progress in our cultivation, it is my opinion that it is also very important that every Dafa practitioner does Fa-rectification work, solidly and steadily during the present time. Many factors may interfere with our Fa-rectification work. What can really hinder us is the lack of powerful, righteous thoughts and our minds not being very pure. As long as we maintain our strong, righteous thoughts and promptly communicate with other Dafa practitioners, it is not that difficult to break through those interferences and hindrances.