After reading Teacher's newest article on August 21, 2002, "Hurry up and tell them," every practitioner has had a feeling of great urgency about telling people the true facts of Falun Dafa. Teacher said in the ninth lecture of Zhuan Falun:

"It is a xinxing issue if you do not help stop a murder or a fire when you see it. How will you otherwise demonstrate that you are a good person? If you do not help stop a murder or a fire, with what else would you get involved?"

The rotten demons who seek to ruin the Fa have poisoned countless people with lies and, their intent is to destroy all sentient beings.

I was illegally detained because I had written to the persons in my work unit and the higher authorities of the police department to tell the true facts of the persecution. In the detention center, I persisted in doing the exercises and meditation. I also clarified the truth towards about 20 detained people there. Among them, there was even one person who wanted to read Zhuan Falun later.

After leaving the detention center, I worked together with fellow practitioners to mail truth-clarification materials to our close friends and relatives in the form of a written message. We told the truth to them and included the mental and physical benefits we attained after we started to cultivate Falun Gong, and our experiences encountering persecution by Jiang's evil regime.

I had sent out only 500 letters after a few months. My efforts are a mere nothing in comparison to so many people in Mainland China who were poisoned by lies spread from news media controlled by Jiang's regime. But I thought it over again. If every fellow practitioner clarified the truth to 100 people, and then one million practitioners together could clarify the truth to one hundred million people. Also, if every practitioner sent out 1,000 truth-clarification material packets, 1 billion truth-clarification material packets would be circulated in Mainland China. After I had this thought of saving a large number of sentient beings, I experienced a variety of different experiences, which have enabled me to clarify the truth better.

Firstly, I became firm in rejecting the unreasonable persecution and harrassment from the leaders of my work place and the police department. Thus, I was forced to leave my home to avoid the persecution. Yet it was from this situation that I learned how to use the Internet at my friend's house. From that night onwards, many truth-clarification materials were posted to a state-run website. A few days later a practitioner told me of another website, and I started a ten-month long journey of clarifying the truth on this network. Once when I was online, I posted a message disclosing the ten biggest crimes of Jiang. One week later, the message was still there. This article I posted, was on the website for about a month. I often stayed up late into the night, sitting in front of the computer, watching, and reposting every article I posted that was just taken off. I looked forward to people with predestined relationship reading the truth-clarification articles, and not being deceived by the evil.

Almost every day, for nearly 300 days, you could see the truth-clarification articles that I posted on to that web page. Thousands upon thousands realized the truth, so that those bad people or network agents could hardly succeed in vilifying and slandering the Fa. Even those people are also beings who I should try my best to save. Very few are poisoned too deeply. Those who have enmity against Dafa are extremely few. Many ordinary people who had righteous thoughts went online and posted sympathetic and supportive messages. When I faced the condemnation and slander, sometimes, I would be mad because I still had an ordinary heart. However, through reading and understanding Zhuan Falun over and over again, what I did gradually become better and better.

Outside of the Internet, I used every single chance to clarify the truth to people that I came contact with.

I clarified the truth to the over 150 teenage and adult students that I taught. One student who believed the lies and slander said some bad things about Dafa. Through clarifying the truth, this student said loudly: "Falun Gong actually tells people to be good people." Students who knew the truth wanted to learn Falun Gong from me. When the school authorities found out this was happening and asked me to leave, many kids cried and did not let me leave.

Schindler saved over 1,100 Jewish people using all his capacity and wisdom. He very regretfully said however: "I could have saved a few more people." Schindler was just an ordinary person who had his own reasons and righteousness. We are Fa-Rectification Dafa disciples. We should be able to do even better.

Why did Teacher write this poem "Hurry up and Tell Them"? One of the reasons I understand is that some fellow practitioners have not realized the great importance of clarifying the truth, and have not used all their power to do it. Fa-rectification is very fast-paced. If you do not use your heart and clarify the truth with all your power, the result will not only be that you feel regretful and woeful, but you will have lost an opportunity that you will never see again.