I obtained the Fa (Law and Principles of Falun Gong) three years ago. After studying the Fa, both my body and mind experienced dramatic changes. I have come to realize that it is such a heavenly bliss to come across the great Fa of the cosmos in this lifetime. The following is my miraculous experience of obtaining the Fa.

Since I was young, my health condition had always been terrible. After I grew up, I was also plagued by heart and kidney problems. The bitterness that I endured was beyond expression and I felt like I was already dead. Later, I met a teacher of Yuan Tantrism. When we met we talked as if we had known each other for a long time. In August of 1998, this 98-year-old Tantrism teacher was sick and bound to his bed . I was very sad. However, he told me, "Don't worry, you will have a teacher." Back then, I did not enlighten to what he said and I couldn't comprehend what he meant. The following week, when I went to visit him in the hospital, he urged me to purchase an apartment located on Renai Rd., or Xinyi Rd. I told him that I didn't have money to buy it. After that whenever I went to visit him, he would inquire about the purchase of an apartment. As a result, after he had persuaded me for more than a month, I began seriously looking for an apartment near Renai Rd. and Xinyi Rd. Because I was very much afraid of the heat, I only looked for those apartments facing the south or the north, as such apartments are supposed to be cooler.

Unexpectedly, when I went to see the Tantrism teacher again, he talked to me before I said anything, "Those apartments are not what you need and you skipped one apartment." I was shocked, "Are you referring to the one that faces the east? It will be too hot in the afternoon. I cannot live there!" The Tantrism teacher replied, "That apartment is not for you to live in, it is for spreading the Fa." At that time, I had no idea about what he was talking about. In the end, the Tantrism teacher chose the apartment for me. Strangely enough, the apartment that he picked was the only one in the building that was for sale. In February 2002, I moved into my new apartment. One day when I went home from work, I saw a Falun Dafa advertisement on the bus. At that time, I thought it was Tantrism. The following week, I took the bus again from work. Strangely enough, usually the bus was quite empty, but that day, the bus was very crowded. As I got onto the bus, I was unable to move forward. Right in front of me, there was a Falun Dafa advertisement. The advertisement was constantly catching my attention as my eyes browsed around. Therefore, I pulled out and put on my glasses so that I would be able to read it thoroughly. A few statements that were in the ad quickly caught my attention, "Why do people get ill?" "Where do human beings come from?" and "The mystery of the universe," etc.

As soon as I got home, I placed a phone call to the contact person and we talked on the phone for an hour. After that, I went to buy Zhuan Falun from a nearby bookstore and I read Zhuan Falun continuously until dawn arrived. I found that the more I read, the more Zhuan Falun would answer my questions that had always confused me in the past. All the truths of the universe were included in the book. In Zhuan Falun, the issue of "Transformation of Karma" was illustrated so clearly and touched me deeply. In addition, the principle of "gaining without pursuit" affected me the most.

Falun Gong is really the most ultimate, great Fa. Studying Zhuan Falun reinforces my determination to cultivate Dafa. Half a year after I had obtained the Fa, my Tantrism teacher passed away. I diligently helped with the spreading of Falun Dafa, introducing the benefits of practicing Falun Dafa to more people. I also hosted a study group in my apartment. Looking back, my Tantrism teacher already knew that Teacher Li is teaching the Fa. Before he passed away, he urged me to purchase this apartment. If it had not been for this apartment, I wouldn't have seen the Dafa advertisement on the bus and I would not have obtained the Fa.