(Clearwisdom.net) Wu Xiaohuan, an instructor at Anhui Province Architecture College, was kidnapped by the authorities and forcibly taken to a mental hospital in October 2001. It has been almost one year. She was forced to take medicine, endure injections, and electro-shock therapy, which have caused her indescribable pain. After being medicated and injected with powerful drugs against her will, she became sleepy all day, lost her judgment abilities, became restless, suffered headaches, had serious vomiting, irregular menstrual periods and memory lapses. Her memory deteriorated; her vision periodically got poor. She could not see people clearly close-up, had hearing loss, suffered from weakness and sometimes fainted three or four times a day. Her condition is very serious. It is hoped people from all walks of life would start a rescue effort.

Following are some additional details:

Around October 11, 2001, Wu Xiaohua had returned home from her parents' place that live in another area. The associate director of the college security division, Luu Changwei, along with security department head Hong Houlai and 6 or 7 security guards rushed to Ms. Wu's home in two minivans attempting to kidnap her. A few minutes later, Wu's house was surrounded, causing Wu's family and her neighbors to feel nervous.

On the second day of the stake-out, Hong from the security department and two police officers entered her home, telling her family members and visiting relatives that because of the Shanghai APEC summit meeting in October, (2001) Jiang had ordered to closely monitor Falun Gong practitioners. On the third day, October 13 at around 5:00 p.m., security division head Luu and another security department supervisor brought forward the leaders of Wu Xiaohua's husband's work unit and forced Wu Xiaohua's husband to open the door under their threat and deception. Without any due legal procedure, 7 or 8 young security guards rushed in, kidnapped over 50-year-old practitioner Wu Xiaohua and sent her to a female detention center.

To resist the unjustified illegal persecution, Wu Xiaohua started a hunger strike in a confinement room, without taking food and water. Ten days later, the labor camp leader escorted her to a mental hospital. They also forced Wu Xiaohua's husband to sign the hospital admission form. Currently, Wu Xiaohua is still kept in the mental hospital and has suffered torture for almost a year.

In October 2001, assistant dean Xia Luping was in charge of the college's administration. The hospital doctors had repeatedly requested the college to take non-mental patient teacher Wu home. Party secretary Hu Chuanjian again and again gave excuses saying, "We know Wu Xiaohua is a good person, but we cannot take her back. Anyway, we shall send money to your hospital."

Here we appeal to kind people everywhere to strongly request to stop the persecution against Wu Xiaohua, release her and send her back to home immediately.

Xia Luping: 0551-3516763 (office) 0551-3510061 (home)

September 20, 2002