The 2nd Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province started detaining female Dafa practitioners in February 2001. The first and second squadrons of the women's brigade then began their brutal abuses, which include:

1) 24 Hour-A-Day Monitoring. To harass Dafa practitioners and force them to give up their belief, one criminal monitors each practitioner. Dafa practitioners are not allowed to speak freely, and talking between Dafa practitioners is strictly prohibited.

The assigned person will follow a Dafa practitioner no matter what she is doing-- walking, dining or using the bathroom--in order to prevent her from practicing, talking, and spreading Dafa. If monitors cannot control the practitioners, they lose points. They could lose anywhere from 10 to 29 points, with their sentences being extended 10 days for losing 29 points. The camp forces criminals and police into participating in the abuses by putting them on the point system. They are forced to take responsibility for restraining Dafa practitioner's daily activities and freedom of speech. Under this pressure, the criminal monitors do not allow Dafa practitioner's to talk.

2). Fan Jun-cao is 59 years old, and is from Xifeng. She was transferred from Pingtai forced labor camp. From her first day, she refused to recite the "camp rules," and was physically abused. On a cold March night, police forced her to stand outside from 9:30pm till 3am the next morning. This abuse lasted 47 days. Even so she was forced to work and take part in military training during the daytime.

Once, when police forced Dafa practitioners to watch videos slandering Dafa, she stood up and said, "Falun Dafa is good." Criminals forced her into a cell and a guard then hit her with an electric baton on her legs and bottom. She was so badly hurt that she could not squat down when using the toilet. Later, she was handcuffed to a 1.8 meter tall steel bed frame for 7 days and nights on 9 separate occasions. Once it lasted more than ten days. The handcuffs cut into her flesh and caused bleeding as she was handcuffed to the lower frame of a steel bed for 8 days. She could only squat or kneel and had to stay like that for more than ten hours each day.

3). Dafa practitioner Liu Wen-yu resisted her illegal detention from the first day she was in camp. She went on several hunger strikes, one over 2 weeks long. Police incited criminals to force-feed her. The broom handles they used to pry open her mouth left her bloodied and severely injured.

4). On September 9 2001, all Dafa practitioners practiced together in the courtyard. Criminals immediately forced them into prison cells, while the guards handcuffed all of them to bed frames. The police thought Zhang Fu-rong was the organizer and detained him in a guard room for a few days.

5). On December 31, 2001, the police slandered Dafa at all the people's meetings.

Some Dafa practitioners including He Hui-qin, Zai Feng-chi stood up and shouted "Falun Dafa is good." They were handcuffed from behind for a few days, and not allowed to sit, only kneel on the ground while handcuffed.

6). Liu Xiao-ming was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor in March 2001. She was disabled. On cold days, when other Dafa practitioners were forced to do military exercises, she was forced to stand outdoors. She was frostbitten with numb hands and had to be helped to use the toilet. Guards also forced her to work. She went on a hunger strike for 6 days to protest the illegal detainment, but was handcuffed to a bed frame for more than two days. Once she was handcuffed for a week for reciting the Fa-rectification formulas. Some criminals showed sympathy and said: "This is going too far. We can't punish a disabled person this way."

7). Dafa practitioner Wang Yu-xia is from Xifeng. One day, police officer Wang Yong-hong ordered her brought to a cell, then handcuffed her to a 1.18 meter tall steel bed frame with her toes not touching the ground. Guards incited criminals to punch her. Then police would say: "Nobody punched you. No one saw anything."

The above are just a few examples of the brutal treatment Dafa practitioners are enduring in the 2nd Forced Labor Camp of Gansu Province.

September 16, 2002