There was a time when I agonized over the fact that I always felt I only had a very superficial understanding of Zhuan Falun, and bewildered as to why I had failed to make any breakthrough. Then one day while studying Teacher's article "Why One Cannot See," I suddenly understood "Seeing is believing, and what is not seen is disbelieved. This is the view of a low-level person." The way I understood before was that what was not seen was disbelieved, was the view of a low-level person. But upon seeing and believing, the person would become a true believer. Now I understand that even when a low-level person is able to see, he still does not truly believe it, because he uses his low-level viewpoint to look at things, and believes whatever that conforms with his viewpoint. This is the view of a low-level person. But the truth contained in the Buddha Fa unconditionally allows one get rid of these kind of low-level notions.

Once I realized that I have been using the notions of a low-level person to view Dafa, and when I calmed down to study Fa, I discovered that I was constantly using my postnatally acquired notions to assess Dafa, looking at Dafa with human attachments and trying to define Dafa. Whenever there was a disparity, I would start to have doubts, to resist or force myself to accept Dafa on the surface, while rejecting it deep down. However, if Dafa agrees with me, I would then be more than glad to accept and assimilate to it. All these overlooked low-level notions have led to misunderstandings and incorrect opinions about Teacher and Dafa. I also discovered that every time I declared my firm belief in Teacher and determination to practice Dafa, I was in fact still languishing at the level of ordinary people. Only by constantly discarding low-level notions and breaking through the boundaries set by our conventional human thinking, can we appreciate Teacher and Dafa's purity and profound inner meaning.

When I study the Fa in a tranquil state of mind and understand Dafa's inner meanings, Dafa invariably mercifully expands my limited horizon, and allows me to realize my absurdity and ignorance. Dafa is like a mirror in space that exposes my attachments and shortcomings, lets me see how I have managed to turn away from Dafa because of fear, and how my conceited attachments have caused damage to Dafa. Dafa constantly guides me to be more clearheaded and rational, and to progress towards enlightenment. Through solid cultivation, I have re-established Teacher and Dafa's rightful place in my heart. Thereafter, I only have room for praise for Teacher and Dafa in my heart.

I deeply realize that to appreciate Teacher and Dafa with humility, sincerity, respect, reverence, and gratitude is truly putting Teacher and Dafa in the right place. However splendid things may appear in the ordinary human society, they still harbor ordinary human thinking and can exercise control over our state of cultivation. They will not allow a person to truly understand Teacher and Dafa. If we do not change the status quo, people will become numb and lose the purity of their true selves; their cultivation will gradually become one of formality only.

Teacher said in the article "A Dialogue with Time," "Some of them have come looking for the aspect of the Fa that they consider good, but they are unable to let go of the aspect that prevents them from having a complete understanding of the Fa." I would like to share a thought with the people who consider Dafa good and firmly believe in Dafa, yet cannot make the breakthrough: Is it true that we use the saying, "Dafa is good," to conceal our misgivings about Teacher and Dafa, while in reality stubbornly holding on to our attachments and postnatally acquired human notions? Is it true that in our cultivation, only if we dare to break through what we regard as "firm belief" --- an excuse for our egotism, can we achieve complete understanding of the Fa and genuine faith? Firm belief is a reflection of the Buddha nature and cannot be upheld by the will of the heart. It comes naturally and not through coercion. In "Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts" Teacher said, "The evil no longer has any way to change the determination that Dafa disciples have developed from their true understanding of the Fa through cultivation and from their Buddha-nature after the elevation of their benti in actual cultivation."

One year ago, I found myself in a very high realm and said to those beings who manipulated the people to beat practitioners to death, "You cannot treat Dafa practitioners this way!"; one of them replied clearly in a stereophonic voice, "It is only getting rid of the human skin." When I looked back at the human world, it was indeed as simple as "just getting rid of the human skin!" I was speechless. When I came back to the human world, I immediately felt the devastation caused by those deviated beings, yet they felt nothing for what they have done to the human world.

I then wrote an article entitled "Testimony to the mighty power of Teacher and Dafa." This article was not written for the deviated beings, but rather to share with Dafa practitioners. Only when we return reverence and glory to Teacher and Dafa, can we truly be able to protect the venerability of Teacher and Dafa, to assure the rock-solid foundation of Dafa in the human world, and to render the evil speechless.

In that article, the last sentence was: "Dafa practitioners are great because they, the enlightened beings in the future, bore witness to the power of Teacher and Dafa." One day when I walked on the street under the scorching sun, I took out this article from my pocket. To my great surprise, this piece of paper with my article on it emitted beams of golden light. The title "Testimony to the mighty power of Teacher and Dafa" faced the sun. In the golden light, I saw the sun become bright yet gentle. It suddenly felt like the temperature had dropped 6-7 centigrade degrees. The surroundings suddenly became cool and calming.

When we are puzzled why we only have superficial understandings of the Fa, I think it's better that we ask ourselves such questions: "Are we looking at Teacher and Dafa with our warped notions? Are we studying the Fa without putting our hearts into it? Are we reading the Fa with our minds wandering around?" If we can realize that we are showing disrespect towards Teacher and Dafa while doing all of these things, and if we are willing to eliminate the disrespect, we will be able to make breakthroughs. Only then can we bear witness to the mighty power of Teacher and Dafa.