August 22, 2002


1. Emotion

"Emotion" stabilizes all the bad beings and substances in and from the cosmos that fall into the Three Realms, which includes the human world. One can also call it the law of this level. Since beings in the Three Realms are in a maze and cannot see the truth, they are submerged in "emotion" that gives meaning to their lives. Because of "emotion," beings cannot and do not want to get rid of many notions in the human world. These lives rely on "emotion" to survive. The things they want drive their happiness and sadness. Accompanied by happiness and suffering, they continuously create and pay back karma within the cycle of birth, aging, sickness, and death, and then finish the journey of their lives.

"Emotion" causes every thought and will from these beings to be centered on the self. If we mix human's "emotion" during the Fa-rectification cultivation to distinguish good from bad, right from wrong, our wisdom eye will be covered up. In cultivation, if we eliminate the restrictive setup imposed upon us by emotion, we can be even more clear-headed and rational in the Fa-rectification process.

2. Pursuit

In the three realms, "having" is a heavy burden. "Not having" is being at ease and having wisdom. Due to emotion, human beings drive the "self," and selfishness continuously to expand. One wants more even after gaining and continuously pursues. "Pursuit" is a substance. It is a stubborn notion and thinking habit that humans cannot detect. Everyday people's way is to reach a goal by pursuing. "Pursuing" is the way notions and attachments get their nourishment.

"Pursuing" often interferes with our cultivation in the human world and sometimes causes us to slow down on the journey of returning to our true selves. It is a rope that ties us down from elevating. Dafa's principles enable us to experience manifestations of the truth from higher realms in the cosmos. Righteous thoughts eliminate notions and thoughts of pursuit. Gaining without pursuit enables our return to be light, calm, peaceful and at ease.

The above reflects my own rough and shallow feelings and understanding. Please point out anything that is improper.