(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li is 68 years old this year, and she is of Korean descent. Before obtaining the Fa, she could not speak any Chinese and could not write any Chinese characters. She attended Master's lecture, but she was very anxious since she could not understand the Chinese language at the time. She knew Dafa is good and insisted on learning, and she did not give up. After Zhuan Falun was published, Ms. Li was more anxious, "Other people are all reading and memorizing the book, but I don't know Chinese. What should I do?" She made up her mind. She started to learn Chinese character by character, and memorized the characters one by one. Before long, she was able to read through Zhuan Falun and she was able to write simple Chinese characters. She had never thought that she could learn Chinese!

During the three years of evil persecution, Ms. Li has been quietly taking part in truth-clarifying activities. Some time ago, a truth-clarifying material site was damaged by the police and the practitioners were suddenly unable to access Minghui.Net [English version is www.clearwisdom.net] so they could not obtain materials from it. Ms. Li saw that the fellow practitioners at the material site were very busy, so she wanted to buy a computer and learn to use it in order to help her fellow practitioners.

Fellow practitioners helped Ms. Li to buy a computer and a printer, and they helped her to install the operating system and the necessary software. Ms. Li then started to learn to operate the computer immediately. For a 68-year-old lady, a housewife without much of an education and still stumbling with her Chinese language, having never learned English or touched a computer, it was not an easy thing to learn to operate a computer independently.

Ms. Li firmly believes that Dafa is supernormal, and as long as they have a pure and righteous mind, Dafa practitioners can do everything. She is such a person that doesn't give up when faced with difficulties. She prepared a notebook used specifically for learning to work with computers. She wrote down every step of the operating procedure in detail with the dialogue boxes that she could read and understand, including turning on the computer, opening files, dialing in to the internet, downloading, closing windows, and turning off the computer. She also attached diagrams to help her in learning. She repeatedly practiced the operating procedure at home and thus improved her understanding of the process. She carefully wrote down the questions she had and then asked the fellow practitioners later. The first day, she sat in front of her computer from the afternoon until the following morning. From then on, every day, besides learning the Fa, practicing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth, all she did was learn how to use the computer. When one notebook was filled up, she then got another one. Two weeks later, Ms. Li was able to independently log on to the Internet, break through the blockade and visit Minghui Net.