September 21, 2002


Today, while clarifying the truth where there were a lot of Chinese people, I noticed that the overall climate has changed. People from Mainland China who used to curse at us are now completely different.

There were three people walking in my direction. I pleasantly went up to them smiling, and said, "How are you? Here are some facts about Falun Gong. You don't have access to these in China. Jiang and his son have blocked all the news." Some said, "Thank you." Some fellow Chinese told me nicely, "I have it already; you gave it to me earlier."

Usually I would not hold any notions in my mind, and would only think of Master Li's article "Hurry Up And Tell Them." People's reactions would also change according to my mind. For example, someone said, "How can I take this material back [to China]?" I answered, "If your heart is righteous, you definitely can." He took it from me.

There were a few people from China who refused the materials and said, "How can you distribute this?" I answered, "This is Germany, Jiang doesn't have control here." One of them said quietly, "That's right; don't bring Jiang's stuff here."

Before going out to clarify the truth today, I felt it would be difficult to clarify the truth to my fellow Chinese. Once I started talking and handing out materials, I immediately felt it was different from what I thought. From this, I realized that the citizens of Mainland China are acting this way because the evil factors behind them have been eliminated. It is just as Master Li said in the poem, "The Net is Tightening": "The rotten ghouls are terrified within,/ Despairing in their final days."; "..this evil drama has really come to the final stage, where it has the will, but not the strength to carry on." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference" in 2002)