Village officer protects Dafa practitioners

One village officer in northeast China came to know the truth about Dafa after practitioners clarified the truth to him. Based on his own observation of the behavior of practitioners, he knows that Dafa is good. Therefore, he secretly protects practitioners. Whenever the evil comes to harass practitioners, he will warn practitioners that the higher authorities are coming and that they should hide their Dafa materials and be careful.

"She suffered torture for the benefit of others!"

Because of her firm belief in Dafa, a practitioner was divorced, fired from her job, arrested, detained and forced to abandon her home to avoid further persecution. She has no income and no place to stay. Under this difficult situation, she still clarifies the truth to others. Her efforts have made her friends and family gradually realize the lies of the propaganda and the nature of Jiang's persecution against Dafa and practitioners. One time, she went to her parents' home. Her aunt shed tears as soon as she saw her. She has deep sympathy for practitioners and was touched by the practitioner's great compassion. One uncle told others: "She suffered torture not for herself, but for the benefit of others!"

"Thank you for letting me know the truth."

One time while I was getting gas for my motorcycle, I clarified the truth to people at a gas station. Two more people came by. After hearing what I was saying, one of them said: "You dare to talk about Falun Gong. I can report you and get lots of money. But I will not do such a bad thing." I replied: "That is the reason why you can hear the truth-- because you have virtue and are kindhearted." Later he and others raised many questions about Falun Gong. I answered them one by one. After learning the truth, one person stepped back and clasped his hands together and said: "Thank you for letting me know the truth. You saved me." He was very sincere. I said to him, "You should thank our Teacher."