About a year ago, when I studied Teacher's article, "Path," I had the superficial understanding that there are no role models in cultivation. However, when I look at my behavior in retrospect, I see that I have often been unconsciously influenced by the everyday concept of "role model," instead of walking my own righteous path and following the Fa.

For example, right after July 20, 1999, I went to discuss the persecution with the assistant at out practice site. The assistant said to wait to see what happened, so I stayed at home and waited. Later, when I traveled abroad, I saw that many Dafa activities did not have anyone coordinating them. Forgetting Teacher's instruction, "Don't wait, don't rely on others," I went instead to talk to the contact people at the Falun Dafa Association, expecting them to take the lead responsibility for spreading Dafa. When I encountered difficulties, I preferred to consult with those whom I thought were doing well in their cultivation. When I read the touching stories of Dafa practitioners on the website, I admired them from the bottom of my heart and accepted their opinions without question. Later, when I compared my behavior with Teacher's teaching, I realized that a cultivator should not follow the understanding of others blindly. At the same time, I realized that the concept of the role model in ordinary society is totally different and realms away from what practitioners mean by "Share in learning and share in cultivating."

In addition, in the past, when I saw that fellow practitioners were not being very diligent, I always used other practitioners' stories to encourage them, asking them to learn from them as role models. Later, I realized that only Dafa can really change a person. Only if one elevates one's understanding of the Fa, can one change one's action. What ordinary people refer to as "the power of the role model" does not apply in cultivation.

Cultivation is the most serious thing in the universe and also the hardest thing. There are no role models and no points of reference. Only if we regard the Fa as the teacher, can we walk each step on our way righteously, and really be responsible for the sentient beings in our cosmic systems.