(Clearwisdom.net) The mouthpiece media controlled by Jiang's gang of political scoundrels claimed on September 24 that the Sinosat had been intercepted, and accused Taiwanese practitioners of doing it, as they said they found the signal to have come from Taipei. In response to this, Chang Ching-his, director of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association, expressed he did not think that Taiwan Falun Gong practitioners had anything to do with the incident. Some Mainlanders pointed out on the Internet that the programs broadcasted were not Falun Gong programs at all, but in fact they were exposing the dictator's selling a large area of Chinese territory to Russia. (Please see attached reference materials for more detailed information.)

Jiang's regime has been interrupting VOA, BBC, Free Radio Asia and Taiwan Radio for many years. Not long ago, they started to block both Chinese and Western media and set up firewalls on the Internet to block overseas websites, with an intention to smother its people with the state ideology and prevent them from knowing the truth. The interruption of the Sinosat broke through the information blockade and exposed Jiang's selling out the country.

In civilized societies, the most important responsibility of the media is to monitor the government. In Mainland China, the TV stations are supported by taxpayers' money, and they are supposed to serve the people. However, the media in Mainland China has been reduced to being the mouthpiece of the dictator, who uses the media to boost his own image, slander the innocent, cover up the truth, and deceive the public. Take Falun Gong as an example. In the past 3 years, the media has been slandering and framing Falun Gong with an all-out effort, trying to cover up the fact that Falun Gong practitioners have benefited tremendously from the practice, and the fact that many people have been tortured or even killed since July 20, 1999, when the persecution started. Many innocent people have been subjected to persecution similar to what happened during the Cultural Revolution. No matter who intercepted the Sinosat, they were peacefully protecting the peoples' rights as bestowed by the Chinese Constitution -- the freedom of speech and to know the truth. They were returning justice to the public.

China's totalitarian regime has rigged and abused the Chinese media, and blocked the flow of information, which in itself is a violation of international covenants. Both the Chinese Constitution and the International Covenant state that people have the freedom of belief and speech. However, during the past 3 years, Jiang's regime has fabricated and spread vicious lies, and instigated people's hatred towards Falun Gong through using the media. As of today, at least 485 practitioners have been tortured to death just because they uphold "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance." There are even more practitioners who have been kidnapped, beaten or tortured. The dictator has blocked overseas media and websites, depriving people of the right to know the truth. All these actions are blatantly trampling on Chinese laws and international covenants. When people's most basic human rights are being violated by tyranny, any peaceful means to protect human rights is reasonable and legal, and is a just action.

Reference material one: The inside story of the Sinosat interception incident

The Chinese official media announced that from September 9 to 13, the Sinosat that covers the entire China had been intercepted. The "TV at very village" program of CCTV, the education channel, and some provincial programs were all tapped.

Apply Daily reported on September 11 that the program broadcasted in the above-mentioned incidents was "Jiang Zemin Sold Out the Country." On September 11, Tianjin Education TV Station broadcasted a brief program entitled "Confidential News: Jiang Zemin and Russia signed a treaty that gave away China's territory equivalent to one hundred Taiwan's," with a subtitle "Freedom of the press is a basic human right." The background was the Great Wall. The program lasted about 5 minutes.

Reference Material 2: The inside story of the "The Supplemental Agreement Regarding Boundaries Between China and Tadzhikistan."

According to a BBC report on May 21, the president of Tadzhikistan and Chinese president signed a boundary agreement in Beijing that gives China sovereignty over 3.5% of the disputed territory. The agreement ends the boundary dispute between the two countries. Before this agreement, China had always claimed that the 28,000 square kilometers in Tadzhikistan close to the Parmier area to be Chinese territory. However, Tadzhikistan only returned a very small portion of the disputed territory to China. In other words, Jiang gave 27,000 square kilometers of land to Tadzhikistan. However, the Chinese people knew nothing about the contents of the agreement.

Reference Material 3: Analyzing the "Sino-Russia Borderline Treaty"

By Sima Zhongda

Originally published on "Chinese Social Democracy Research," February 12, 2001 issue

At the end of 1999, Jiang and Yeltsin secretly signed the "Sino-Russia Boundary Treaty." Only a very brief news item was reported on People's Daily, which did not mention anything about the contents of the treaty.

It was later learned that through this treaty, Jiang sold Chinese territory that is about 100 times that of Taiwan to Russia.