(Clearwisdom.net) During my detention in a forced labor camp, I witnessed a lot of things happen around me. Falun Dafa has not only led many kind people in this world to become practitioners, but also greatly benefited those around them, including criminals. It has truly softened people's cold hearts. Here are two true stories:

Story One:

When I first arrived to the fifth division, I became acquainted with Yan, who was sentenced for three years because of theft. Whenever he came to work, he always avoided working and did less, while letting others do more. When going to the eatery, he always jumped the queue while others were all waiting in line. In particular, he would always steal Dafa practitioners' cash, coupons, and daily necessities. Once, unexpectedly, something happened that made him change completely.

As he was stealing Dafa practitioner Hao's money, he also took away with him Teacher's articles from Hao's pocket. To show his contribution to the labor camp, he handed the stolen article to the division authorities. Hao criticized him in public, "Turning in Teacher's articles is the worst thing you could possibly do!" However, after hearing the condemnation, he didn't seem show any sign of remorse.

That night, Yan suddenly got a fever. He felt painful all over his body and could not get any sleep at night. He suffered like this for over two weeks. Medications and injections had no effect and he also lost his appetite. Dafa practitioners did their best taking care of him and explained that this was his karmic retribution for committing an evil deed. One night, he apologized to Hao with tears in his eyes. Hao said, "If you truly regret, you should calm down and, from your heart, ask for forgiveness from our Teacher. Maybe it will be beneficial to you. " He sat down on his bed quietly, and silently asked Teacher's forgiveness. That night he had silently asked countless times. The next morning, a miracle occurred. His disease that could not be cured by any medicine or injections disappeared in one night. From then on, whenever he met people, he would say that Falun Gong practitioners are kind people and Falun Gong was miraculous.

After that, he seemed to be changed into another person. He gave up a lot of bad habits. He also learned from Dafa practitioners to always think of others first. He voluntarily helped Dafa practitioners wash clothes. Before, his own clothes had to be cleaned by others, but now he actively and voluntarily helped others! We knew that this was the power of Dafa. It truly changed his heart.

Seeing the fundamental change, everyone was happy for him and told him about Dafa and the principles of being a kind person. Since then, he often helped Dafa practitioners buy meals. He took the initiative to clean the room whenever he was free. Even his tone of voice and words had changed. Dafa practitioners, criminals, and guards all said that he became a good person. One night before his release, he had a dream that blood covered his head and face, and there was no use wiping it with a cloth. At that moment, a voice said, "The only way to change this is to cultivate, to cultivate Falun Dafa." The next day everyone agreed that this was a hint telling him to practice Dafa. He immediately expressed that he would find Dafa practitioners to practice with after his release.

The next morning, he was reluctant to part with each of the practitioners, saying goodbye to everyone and shaking hands. He promised that he would never do anything illegal after he returned home and would practice Dafa to be a better person.

Story Two:

There was another criminal named Zhang who had been sent to serve in the forced labor camp many times. In the beginning, we found that he treated common criminals badly but was very kind to Dafa practitioners. Through conversations, we got to know that his mother was a Dafa practitioner. He knew that Dafa practitioners were all kind people, not criminals. From then on, we often clarified the facts to him. Once we talked for quite some time. He said, "I have been stealing since I was little. I have read your book Zhuan Falun and understand some principles. According to the book, I have accumulated too much karma from stealing for so many years. It is difficult to stop it right away. But I think, in the future or in my next life, I must practice Falun Dafa."

Since then, he upheld Falun Gong constantly. Because he was tall and strong, other common criminals were all afraid of him. When he was on duty at night, our Dafa practitioners could share experiences with each other. Sometimes, when we sent forth righteous thoughts or practiced the exercises, he would stand in front of the door to safeguard us. Once when I was reading a new article of Teacher, he came over and said, "It is all right when I am on duty. However, be careful not to be noticed by the monitor, and be careful when others are on duty." I nodded. Another time, when we were sending a new article to a fellow practitioner in the No.1 team through the window, we were found by a common criminal beside us. He screamed and shouted that he would report it to the team leader. Zhang ran over and condemned that criminal and the problem was quickly resolved.

One day, on the Chinese New Year of 2002, he managed to send us six new poems written by Teacher that we were greatly in need of.

Later, all Dafa practitioners in our division started a hunger strike. He never joined the force-feeding against practitioners. A practitioner, whose family name was Li, went on a hunger strike for more than 40 days. He raised his thumb and said, "Falun Gong is outstanding, truly heroic!"

Later, I was transferred to another division. I heard that he gave the practitioners who suffered tribulations much care and help.