(Clearwisdom Net) After reading the latest version of To Fellow Practitioners and Teacher's two newest articles, I realized that Teacher has pointed out our flaws and weaknesses. What is the requirement of the Fa-rectification process for us? How can we effectively achieve the goal of saving the precious Chinese people?

Over the last year, we have accumulated valuable experience in clarifying the facts to people from China, but we ought to make some careful analysis as to why there are only a relatively small number of people coming to know the truth. Personally I think the problem lies in our human way of thinking.

Do we really realize as a whole that every Chinese person corresponds to a huge heavenly body with countless sentient beings in it? Do we really know how precious the Fa-rectification is to each and every being? Do we care for every person in China as we care for ourselves? Do we try to understand the barriers and questions in people's minds and resolve them with benevolence?

As to myself, I haven't fully realized the weight of these questions. I only understand them superficially. Hence, sometimes my body is there but my heart isn't. When I was clarifying the facts to tourists from China and they didn't want to listen or believe, I often thought: "Well, I have tried my best. Whether they listen or not is their business." Actually, such a thought complies with the arrangement of the old forces and reflects that I haven't really tried my best.

Pure and righteous thoughts are the result of cultivating, bit by bit. I think if we, as a whole, can reach the point of firmness and unselfishness required by the Fa when clarifying the truth, we will do better at saving the precious Chinese people.

Written on September 18, 2002