Tianluhu Sanatorium in Guangzhou City is where the Dongshan District Brainwashing Class is located. For a long period of time, Falun Dafa practitioners have been detained here. The security guards and policemen often curse and physically abuse the practitioners.

The Security Guards Commit Evil Deeds

There are about five security guards in this brainwashing class. Four of them, including Chen Jingsheng and Tan Zhiqiang, were transferred from other places. Chen, Tan and the director Li Bo repeatedly detained a practitioner named Deng Fang in the classroom. They dragged her forcefully into the classroom and shut the door. Both Chen and Tan used their fingers to forcefully stab at her forehead. They pounded the table and cursed at Deng Fang fiercely. They violently jabbed her head with their fingers from different angles. They knew that Deng Fang could not bear the smell of cigarette smoke so they deliberately shut the door and puffed smoke towards her, which made the whole classroom full of foul air. Tan even held up a slipper, threatening beat her with it and threatened to withhold food from her.

Wang Huimin, Yu Weiming, Lin Yingyi, Liang Tingting and Deng Fang were shut in a room together. In June and July, it was very stuffy and hot. Yu Weiming sometimes stood by the doorway to stay cool. One morning a cruel security guard named Du did not allow Yu Weiming to leave through the door. He took a round stool with four metal legs, and held it high yelling, "See? I will beat you to death!" Several practitioners came over and said something before he put down the stool and left muttering curses.

On June 17, a practitioner Cai Chuan came back after she washed herself. A security guard named Chen Jingsheng said that she took too long and beat her. In the room, we could hear that he was beating her. When the practitioners questioned him as to why he beat people, he denied it by saying: "I did not beat her. Who beat her? Did anyone see it?"

Policemen Beat People At Will

On May 19, Deng Fang was sitting on a stool in the balcony. The policeman Liu Shaowei came in and said that she was practicing the exercises and slapped her on her face. After beating her, he found a fork and planned to beat her with it. Deng Fang stood up and held back the fork. Liu shouted loudly: "Even if I beat you, so what? You can try to sue me, but no one saw it!" In the middle of June, Liu again hit Wang Huimin on the head and said arrogantly after beating her, "I also beat Deng Fang on the balcony."

Policemen Drench Practitioners and Pour Water on the Floor to Prevent Them from Sitting or Sleeping

Dongshan District Brainwashing Class emptied room 206 and used it to punish the practitioners physically and to not allow them to sit or sleep. Deng Fang was shut in this room for five days and Wang Huimin for nine days and seven nights. Besides this, there are Dafa practitioners who were asked to go to the classroom to repeatedly watch videos that defame Falun Gong from 10:30p.m. or 1:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. They did not allow the practitioners to go back to their rooms until 3 o'clock in the morning for over 20 nights. After that, in order not to allow the practitioners to sleep, they broadcasted messages to defame Falun Gong and interfere with the practitioners. In order to not to let them sit on the ground, they locked the door to the balcony and poured a very a thick layer of water on the floor.

The first night when Wang Huimin was punished physically, they poured water onto the floor and shut the door to broadcast the recording and deliberately turned the volume very loud. The practitioners living in room 201 even felt the floor shaking from the sound. Later Wang Huimin could not bear it any more and her tears were streaming out, her nose was running, and she felt so sick that she vomited. They did this for the whole night and by the second day, she was in a terrible state of mind and felt miserable.

On the evening of June 6 when they tortured Deng Fang, they poured a large amount of water onto the floor. Deng Fang was too tired to stand and she had to sit in the water. In order to prevent her from sitting down, Liu Shaowei went to fetch a bucket of water and drenched her with it. After that, he got another full bucket of water and poured half of the water onto her head and shouted, "I will come to pour water on you every five minutes."

In the evening of May 21, practitioners Feng Huang and Luo Songwen were also drenched with water from head to foot by Liu Shaowei and they had to sit in the water all night long.

The Secretary of the District Political and Judiciary Committee Personally Tortured Practitioners

At about 9:30 p.m. on May 28, The Secretary of the District Political and Judiciary Committee named Zhang suddenly came into Deng Fang's room, followed by seven to eight policemen and security guards. Deng Fang was lying on the bed because she was very sleepy and fatigued after several days of torture and she was also menstruating. When the secretary Zhang saw her lying on the bed, he took away the blanket and asked Deng Fang to go to an empty room. They set up a table and a chair there and Zhang told her that only after she wrote the "Repentance Letter" could she sit down. Otherwise she was not allowed to sit down. She was made to stand there for the whole night from 9:30 p.m. until noontime the next day.

The situation in the Dongshan District Brainwashing Class has not improved. On the contrary, it has deteriorated severely. The security guards' attitude has become worse and they commit even worse atrocities and make the practitioners there suffer even more.