(Clearwisdom.net) On April 5, 2002, the Vice Chairman of Jilin Province Party Committee, Wang Guofa, visited Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp and gave these instructions: "Forcefully transform all Falun Dafa practitioners by all means; no one will be held responsible for beating any Dafa practitioners to death." Since then, Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp has started a large-scale persecution against practitioners in order to force them to give up their faith in Dafa. Deputy Director of Division No. 6 Li Zhongbo, police Wang Tao and Cui Hongyan were in charge of "testing" every practitioner one by one.

During those days in early April, the abuse against Dafa practitioners grew more and more severe. The whole building was filled with the crackling of electric batons and other torture instruments used on human bodies, the yelling and cursing of police, and cries of pain from practitioners. One after another, perfectly healthy practitioners walked into the guard's room and were later carried out. Terror shrouded the whole labor camp. Some practitioners lost their capability to walk due to the severe torture in every division. Practitioners with bandages on their heads, hands and feet, with arms hanging in front could be seen everywhere. There were four practitioners in Division No. 4 that had to be carried all the time. The torture instruments used during this persecution include several models of electric batons, police cudgels, white plastic tubes, wooden bats, steel tubes, wire cords twisted together into sticks, bamboo rods (used for beating practitioners until they broke into pieces, causing bamboo thorns that pierced practitioners' bodies; later, detergent or salt along with icy water were often poured on practitioners), burning hands with fire, beating the practitioners while hanging them up with hands tied behind, etc.

Practitioner Ma Shengbo from Nongan County firmly resisted the brainwashing and refused to give up his firm belief in Dafa. Police Li Zhongbo and Wang Tao shocked him all over his body with electric batons, and they also stripped him naked except for his underwear and tortured him. They used up the batteries of three electric batons for shocking Ma, and continued beating him with wire cords. After the wire cords were broken, the torture continued with bamboo rods. The torture did not stop even after all bamboo rods were in pieces from the beating, and bamboo thorns had pierced Ma's body all over. They covered Ma's wounds with detergent and poured icy water on his body in a windy cold bathroom with windows and door open. On such a day in early April, the weather was cold even for people in sweaters, yet these police had two other criminals force Ma to lie on an icy cement floor and kept pouring cold water on him continuously.

Practitioner Zhong Xi from Changchun City was brutally tortured by police because he refused to give up his faith. Even after Zhong's head was wounded from the beating, Deputy Chief Wang Jiangang along with other police from Administration Section and Division No. 6 came to his cell, cuffed his hands behind his back, hung the handcuffs up on the door frame and kept brutally beating this practitioner, who was in critical condition with his head bleeding.

Wu Yajun and Piao Yong (Korean ethnic background, teacher, lives in residence area in Jilin University) were also inhumanly abused by the police. Sandstorms hit Changchun City in April and everyone was wearing heavy clothes. In such cold, windy weather, the police stripped them naked and poured ice-cold water on them from the head down. Wu Yajun and Piao Yong had water poured on them twice, each time lasting around two hours continuously. Policeman Wang Tao was making jokes while watching the practitioners being drenched with icy water.

Practitioner Wang Weidong from Fusong County of Baishan area solemnly declared his statements denouncing Dafa under pressure null and void, and insisted on his righteous faith and practice. Policeman Wang Tao instructed other criminals to watch him and not allow him to sleep at night. Wang Tao also continuously tortured him with electric batons and bamboo planks for two days. With righteous thoughts and dignity, Wang Weidong never submitted. The labor camp transferred Wang Weidong from Division No. 6 to No. 5. He was beaten for an hour as soon as he arrived in Division No. 5.

In addition, practitioner Sui Futao from Liuhe County of Jilin Province was tortured to death. The labor camp claimed that he died from a heart attack. The details of his death need to be investigated.

We hereby call for all Dafa practitioners around the world to send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil forces in other dimensions and to help illegally sentenced Dafa practitioners here. We hope that all the kind- hearted governments, organizations and individuals around the world will help us stop Jiang's regime from abusing and killing innocent Dafa practitioners.

September 13, 2002