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My daughter often tells me what she sees with her third eye. She said, "Usually the dimensional fields of Dafa practitioners are glowing with golden light. Sometimes there are demons outside the scope of the dimensional field, and they dare not move closer because they will perish if the light emitted by Dafa practitioners touches them. However, when Dafa practitioners have attachments, they stop emitting light. When a demon sees that happen, it calls a bunch of his fellows. There are loopholes in the dimensional fields of Dafa practitioners and the demons get in from there. When practitioners look within and find attachments, their dimensional fields start to glow again and the holes disappear. The demons inside such dimensional fields have no way out but to dissolve into water. If the practitioners directly send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil but do not look within for attachments, they will eliminate the group of demons outside their dimensional field, but another group of demons will arrive."

At first, I didn't pay much attention to what she said. Later I found that some practitioners knew it was demon's interference when they felt physically ill. They sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them, but didn't look within for the attachments. As a result, their abnormal physical states lasted for a long period of time.

Whenever I feel ill, I immediately look within and eliminate the attachment I find. Then I send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the demons. Thus, the ill feeling disappears right away. My dimensional field starts to glow again. The demons perish the moment they are touched by the light. But sometimes, when I fail to find the attachments, I don't achieve the same result even though I send forth righteous thoughts.