On the morning of August 21, 2002, Yao Yunzhong, a primary school teacher in Xinchang County was arrested without reason. He was detained in Dayi County Detention Center, and released after he paid large fines more than one week later.

The persecution of Dafa practitioners by the vicious criminals of Dayi County Police Station, Political and Judiciary Committee etc. for the past 3 years has included:

  1. Illegal arrest, sentence, forced labor and torture of Falun Gong practitioners

    So far, the bureau chief of Dayi County Police Department has signed dozens of arrest warrants. Practitioners were detained, illegally sentenced and sent to forced labor camps. Wang Liqun and Li Honglian were arrested without reason by Anren Police Station, and were nearly tortured to death. Wang Xiaosong was sentenced and detained in Deyang Forced Labor Camp. He is being continuously tormented, and his life is in danger.

  2. Frame-up, kidnap, torture and interrogate

    At the end of 2000, one Dafa practitioner went to appeal in Beijing. He was arrested and sent to Dayi County Anren Police Station and then escaped. The policemen in Anren Police Station arrested three Dafa practitioners at random and said they hid the escapee. The policemen kicked them, hung them up and brutally beat them and tortured them with electric batons. One of them was brutally tortured for more than ten days. The police stopped when they saw that he became too weak. The other two practitioners were tortured so badly that there was not one uninjured place on their bodies. They were at the point of death. Their residences were searched many times.

    For more than three years, Meng Bing, the vice bureau chief of Dayi County Police Department has led his criminal followers, often seizing Dafa practitioners' homes and personal property, interrupting practitioners on the road without reason, and forcefully conducting body searches. What is more terrifying is that to achieve the aim of persecuting Dafa practitioners, Wang Zhiquan, the manager of governmental security section even secretly put Dafa truth-clarification materials into the pocket of a practitioner's suit that was hanging in his wardrobe. After the practitioner was arrested, Meng Bing and Wang Zhiquan tortured and pressured the practitioner to admit having the truth-clarification materials. This practitioner refused to admit to the false charges after enduring brutal torture from electric batons. He was held for 45 days and was released after he paid a fine of a few thousand dollars.

    The police casually arrested practitioners without reason. They then hung them up, interrogated them, tortured them with electric batons, held them for 45 days, and released them after they paid large fines. Several Dafa practitioners have been robbed on the road and blackmailed.

  3. Dafa practitioners that have been detained are under house arrest and surveillance.

    For more than three years, the vicious people from Dayi County Police Station and Political and Judiciary Committee have mercilessly arrested, sentenced, and tortured Dafa practitioners, and sent them to do forced labor. They do not even let off those practitioners have been released to go home without demanding some extortion money. Some police stations even demand Dafa practitioners to report to the station daily, where they insult and berate them, then let them go home at night. After they get home, the area police can harass them and search their homes at will at any time. They arrest practitioners at will, anytime and anywhere. They even act like bandits: stopping practitioners on the road, and suddenly attacking and arresting practitioners. Meanwhile, they order workplaces, schools, and residents' committees to send people to stand watch over Dafa practitioners for days. Practitioners are not allowed to go outside during public holidays. If they want to go out at other times, they need to ask for leave and are followed wherever they go. People that monitor practitioners are required to sign responsibility certificates every year; otherwise they will lose their jobs.

Wu Tao, Dayi County Police Department bureau chief, office phone number: 86-28-88226900

Home phone number: 86-28-88229991

Messenger call: 86-96998-62066

Mobile: 86-13908211922

Postcode: 611330

Chen Dianyu, Political and Judiciary Committee secretary in Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Li Chengwei, Education Committee director in Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Wang Songsong, Chengdu Security Board, phone: 86-28-87308037

Jiang Yulin, Section Chief of the Economical Management Station of Dayi County Agricultural Bureau, phone: 86-28-88292538

Dayi County agricultural bureau office number: 86-28-88292102 ask for bureau chief Tang Dehong,