(Clearwisdom.net) I felt very uncomfortable whenever I had to let go of an attachment and the sense of "self." My heart would feel like it was being torn apart while my mind was filled with what triggered the attachment, be it some incident or some person's words. My own negative thoughts and mentalities only made it worse.

However, attachments must be cast away and obstacles must be overcome. When I was able to let go of an attachment completely and genuinely consider others first, I truly felt something brand new -- I would realize that I hadn't lost anything but selfishness. At the same time, I felt that I had gained a lot -- as if the cause of my agony was assimilated as a part of me. Then I felt the joy of selflessness, a feeling that is as soothing as a gentle breeze, as light and airy as the clouds and as tranquil as undisturbed water.

I realized that "Compassion" is the key for enlarging our hearts' capacity -- that "Tolerance" without "Compassion" becomes forced and superficial.

Why is this notion of "self" such a touchy subject? Although Dafa governs and balances everything, Dafa gives life freedom without restriction. However, if our thinking and actions are not in accordance with the Fa at that level, we will feel the power of Dafa's restraint.