In April 2002, many Falun Gong practitioners locked in Hewan Forced Labor Camp began a hunger strike to protest the brutal persecution of Falun Gong. During the course of their peaceful protest, the police adopted various vicious means in order to stop them, torture being chief among them.

One time as the police were force-feeding a practitioner who was constrained in a bed, policeman Gao Ruoan tortured him further by violently scratching his armpits, stomach, and legs. After he was tired, he ordered another 4 or 5 inmates to continue scratching this practitioner. If they refused, Gao beat them violently with bamboo sticks. Oftentimes when doctors prepared to place the feeding tube into practitioners' stomachs, Gao asked the doctors to leave the room. Then he ordered inmates to push the practitioners down onto the ground and he himself would barbarically force the feeding tubes into their stomachs from their noses. His brutal acts resulted in bleeding and infections that severely damaged the practitioners' health. After the tubes were inside their stomachs, he fed them with a lot of water and then ordered inmates to force the practitioners to walk while the tubes were still in their noses. If they could not physically walk, they would be dragged on the ground. Because they were forced to walk, the tubes moved around inside their noses, causing them enormous pain. Gao even said, "Since the Party never said we can't torture you, I am now torturing you here!"

After the force-feeding, Gao even continued torturing a practitioner by clamping the end of the tube onto his ear for more than an hour; the practitioner was in extreme agony. In July 2002, they force-fed a practitioner with a mixture of water, raw cucumbers, and raw garlic using a tube. A few minutes later, this practitioner experienced an extremely painful stomachache and vomited many times.

Some police intentionally instigated hatred towards the practitioners among the inmates and used them to further escalate their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

September 7, 2002